Engaged And Sexless

Hello all...
I can't believe I'm writing this but I'm hoping it'll help to share here because I can't talk to anyone else about it.
I have been in a relationship for about 2.5 years and we got engaged a few months ago.
When we first met the sex was great and frequent, in the last year we have had sex just once. I'm devastated.
I have discussed it with him numerous times to no avail. He says he doesn't know why he's lost interest in sex and his blood work came back as moderate testosterone levels but not enough to medicate for so I'm left thinking it's me. He assures me it's not me but the fact remains our sex life went from fantastic to zero and it's really starting to have an effect on my self esteem. I have always had a very active sexual appetite and have always been in healthy sexual relationships.
I find I have really sunk myself into my career now just to keep my mind off this elephant in the room. Easy to do, I'm a medical professional in emergency medicine, I require focus under stress and I do that very easily, however, in my down time I'm noticing I'm struggling. He is out of town on business a lot so when I'm home alone it's a hard void to fill. Yes I'm active and do many things, I do "live", however, it's the lack of intimacy that I'm very much missing. I'm 39, attractive, very positive and have a healthy libido, but I'm terrified I'm going down a road where I'm never going to have that passionate sex again.
He's amazingly supportive in my career. When he's home from work he makes my breakfast and packs my lunch for work. Does 101 thoughtful things for me and is attentive in every other way. I feel guilty even complaining here, he's great to me in so many ways. it's not as though he doesn't touch me, he always holds my hand, gives me hugs, rubs my back and runs me baths. He's great in so many ways and I love him. I just can't shake feeling "unattractive" because he completely avoids sex with me. No incident I'm aware of happened between us, he can offer no explanation. It's becoming very lonely....
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Walk away. After marriage will get so much more messy. He may be a great guy, but that does not matter. People marry with great chemistry and then it falls apart for any number of reasons. Here you are starting crippled. And this group's collective centuries of experience tells you it does not get better. Sorry.

well you sound like a great women. i am a 41yo male and i tell you it sounds like he is hiding something that is hurting you both. if he is so wonderful he would make love to you all the time i know you said he does things for you but all them things can not replace what you crave from him si if you really love him tell him what you are thinking and if he loves you he will understand. i tell you i was in a sexless marriage and it did not work. i tried every thing to get her aroused nothing seemed to work. it destroyed our marriage
i found out after we were divorced that she was messing around with someone she worked with. that might not be the case but from a mans point if view that is what is going on so think about what you want before you get married. you deserve better

It ain't you; you aren't the problem, so don't beat yourself up over that. I have to say that I would not get married if you value sex highly and he doesn't. You'll miss it the rest of your life and you deserve to have good, no, GREAT sex, with the one you love and the one who loves you. Something this big is worth looking for a new partner. Not fun to think about but better in the long run than getting married now and regretting it for decades!

Unfortunately, the chances of it getting better is slim. Take your time and consider your wants and needs before marriage. The heartache magnifies after marriage! Good luck.

He sounds like a great man, yet at the same time, despite all his positive qualities you are not getting the one thing you need. Some may disagree but I believe sex is a NEED and it's what separates the romantic relationships from the platonic ones. There is no easy answer here & I wish you nothing but the best.

Face it, he's doing someone else when out of town! Find another man.

You are very, very fortunate - since you are not married, you can walk away without any legal entanglements. Also, since you have a career, you can support yourself. Something to consider: why stay if he will not be intimate with you? Do you fear that there are so few 'nice' guys out there? I assure you, the world is full of wonderful people, including those that will have passion for you. Don't stay one more day. Don't stay one more hour, don't stay one more day. Sex once in a year is degrading to you and your self-esteem. It is a filthy thing to do to a woman (or a man), and someone who does it to you is not a full partner.

If you continue on this path, great pain lies ahead. The level of frustration rises. One member here was so frustrated she broke her own hand on her own head. For myself, I was so frustrated I actually chipped a tooth in frustration. Many members here have commented on how being refused hurt their self esteem so bad they thought about killing themselves.

On the flip side: now that I am out of my sexless marriage, I have, after a very rough five months or so, arrived at a place where my self esteem has never been higher (but not too high), I have real confidence (rather than alternating between overconfident and underconfident), and a partner that wants me pretty much every night. A larger contrast could not exist. I am happier, content, and (I think) a bit wiser.

Leaving is very, very hard. But being in an refuser abusive relationship is demeaning and demoralizing. Don't put up with it.

Yes don't think that marriage will change things ,my wife is the same way not in to sex any more it does make you feel unloved , unwanted . I could tell you things to try but maybe they would only work on a guy like me that wants sex. What does he do if you stat playing with his thing ?

Could be a lot of reasons but, I can't sit and guess. If you aren't married and the sex life is already gone that would raise some red flags. If you aren't intimate then bascially you are just roomates.

Awww -hugs- I know how you feel. I was in such a relationship too.
I dont have any advice for you. I dont know you, guys. Also, I know how easy it is to say to break up with someone but very difficult to do.
Just dont blame yourself!!!! It´s not your fault.
Good luck and fingers crossed!

Not married = run.

Please don't think that things will change after you get married.

You in no way, shape, or form can wed this man.

You obviously are an intelligent woman,,,,,,,working in ER medicine,,,and have a lot to offer a man.

You can get a butler to make you breakfast, pack your lunch, and run you a bath, and you can get a massage at a spa.

Remove the engagement ring,,,,,,,ASAP

Poor you, I can totally relate to this I have been married for 9 years, in the beginning we had a wonderful adventurous sex life but it slowed, then almost stopped around two years ago, I took to counting how many periods I was having between our having sex ( sometimes as many as 3 or 4) this left me frustrated and feeling worthless and unattractive.
It all came to a head just before Christmas when I discovered sex texts on his phone, devastating is not the word, they were role play strict uncle naughty boy senarios, I confronted him, he had not told me of his Dom/sub desires as he was worried I would be disgusted or reject him.
I am not suggesting this is the issue in your relationship, but if someone had said this to me six months ago I would never have believed them, so maybe there is an underlying thought or desire he has but he is worried about sharing it with you, long shot but it might be worth checking.

I am sorry about what is happening to you. My wife and I were in a similar situation, where I was the one who did not care much about sex. Now I know why. The short answer is that I did not have time for her as a woman, nor us as a couple. I did not see it that time (2 years before), she helped me to recognize it.

I know It is good to have a life with all the schedules, appointments and to do lists for work. Why don't you use it for yourselves too. One secretive appointment... one or two weeks from now... somewhere you could be together... your fantasy will tell you.

You are the Only Woman who can do about it! I hope you find your way to happiness.

Runnnnnn.....picture yourself after 10 years of this. Its like a drip of water filling a bucket.

I agree with this assessment. I am a MAN in a relationship that has deteriorated like what you say. If this is important to you (the sex that is), and you indicate it is, then you are in a position where you will be marrying your brother. You will feel this hole inside of yourself, and it will NOT go away. You have to solve this BEFORE you go any further,...but now you are being driven by guilt. The loss is a lot smaller now with breaking things off and calling this off than it will be years from now when you decide to split the assets, get atorneys, and fight like hell when you could have decided to avoid that now.

Sex for many of us (including yourself) is NOT optional in marriage. Is it a deal breaker; it is important; it can not be winked at, ignored, or discrarded; It MUST be in place and can not be minimized. You must be true to yourself right now. If you don't, you will bring regret that is significantly more into your life.

This doesnt sound right. I'm sorry . If sex is no longer a thought in his head after just 2 years he has other issues. Usually this takes years for a couples sex life to diminish if it happens at all. Would you be happy like this ? I hope it works out . Its not easy to look at this situation when I know you love him. Can you walk away if it doesnt look like he is willing to figure it out ? Hugs.

There are a number of possible explanations. One of them might be that he is having a hard time at work. Does he bring his troubles home? Is he the type of personality that doesn't like opening up?

He's high up in an oil company, it's a very high stress job, yes. He has a lot of responsibility and certainly tries to keep me from seeing his stress and that's very much his military background.

You both seem like a good couple. It's a bit of a tricky situation... I understand your need for sex but if he is stressed out, the problem is purely psychological. Have you tried stimulating him with pre-sex routines like a massage? You should try this but don't expect him to want sex straight away. Just relax his muscles, ease tension and take it from there.

Nice suggestion, but yet another that has no relationship to sexless marriage. Three weeks in the Bahamas drinking cocktails and lying in the sun would still mean NO sex in such a situation.

So...does he find sex stressful or stress-relieving? If the former, that's not a good sign.

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You've said it often in your comments here - there's an underlying issue. And you want it resolved before you get married, one way or the other. I doubt it's your looks or attractiveness. When we are loved, we become more and more attractive to the person we love. So there is something else going one, and my guess it is in him. He has to open up to you, or you are both making a big mistake.

I hope for the best for you. I've lived in a nearly sexless marriage, and am now (in my second) in a sex filled one, and this one is far healthier.


Thank you Charlotte, I appreciate your thoughts, it gives me a lot to think about.

Charlotte, I also appreciate these comments, though from my own perspective. I'm happy you have found greater happiness. (sorry for the small hijack)

I am so sorry for what you are going through. A healthy sex life is critical in order to have a great marriage. My wife and I both enjoy sex a lot and have had great fun and have made some great memories in our pursuit of something new and daring. It's not just the physical aspect that we enjoy but the closeness you feel with another person in being able to let loose and be comfortable in telling them your fantasies and desires without being judged. I know sex is not all a marriage is about but it is a big part of it and missing any part of a relationship never works. I hate to be negative but you said he is out of town a lot. Is it possible he is having an affair? I hope not for your sake and I hope you get your problem resolved.

That's how it should be...
It's certainly possible he could be having an affair, though there's no women where he's posted so it'd have to be with a guy, which trust me it has crossed my mind.
One way or another I'll figure it all out and not consider moving forward until its resolved or otherwise move on.

Don't let it get to you. It is definitely not you! Your partner should love you and be attracted to you no matter what. I've been married for 14 years and we have both gained a few extra pounds, have a couple of gray hairs and wrinkles etc. but I still think my wife is the sexiest woman alive! I definitely think there is an issue with him not him having an issue with you.

Some statistics to consider. In marriages where things are working, couples report that it constitutes 15-20% of what brings joy and happiness. In marriages where sex is not working, it constitutes 50-75% of what is wrong. The numbers mean if sex is working, it moves into the background a little. Though it is important, it doesn't constitute all that is important. However, when it does NOT work, it moves into the forfront and becomes big and important.

Your post above Angela talks about some of the things that you want to fill the 80% of your life when things are working--the care he gives by making lunch, the support he gives and so forth. Makes total sense. However, because things are not working, you are in the 75% problem phase,...and sex hurts.

What you are talking about makes so much sense and seems so normal. You deserve to feel and be safe with sex. You need this man to pursue you. You WANT to be sought after, wooed, and desired. You want to have your toes curl when the phone call comes: "Hey,...don't dawdle coming home honey. I am in the mood, and if I don't get to put my arms around you soon, I am going to go crazy. I need you. I want you. I love you!"

And, you want to wake up the next morning with this guy giving you a kiss and while helping with the lunch, telling you how special your are.

Hold out for what you need. When it finally comes, you will be grateful. Good luck.

Beautifully said Rob - and SO true!!

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Red Flag....it's him...hold him accountable for nailing down the physical or mental reason for why this is happening, if he refuses to go along with that, then perhaps you should think hard before marrying him...being a newlywed with a sex life like you guys are having..hmmm something is wrong with that picture.

When he comes home next week I'll be talking to him in regards.

Best of luck :)

go with him to the doctors with him. i have a back problem and this is effecting my errections, even if i ********** it may or may not get errect. at least you have something to help my blood came back clear and i cant have anything to help with my problem, to the point where my wife now things why bother trying if its not going to work ? i can also loose a errection in a heart beat even changing positions can do it

Sorry to hear of your back issues, I can imagine how frustrating and upsetting that must be for you.
I am a Physician, he doesn't have any physical health concerns causing this issue, but thank you for the suggestion.

its been getting worse for years, and wasnt till i had a mri scan we discovered the truth and then told it does effect that area, it works fine some days others, doesnt matter how horny or what im shown or do nothing will arouse it

Hi Angela, I can truly say my heart goes out to you. Married 25 years this coming April and my story sounds like so many other stories here. What I am more concerned about is howit effects your self esteem. Start reassuring yourself that it's not you. If you don't you risk the danger of long term issues yourself, that you don't need or deserve. Been 23 having anhedesia (spelling may be wrong) which is the ability to perform, but no ability to feel sexual pleasure. All medical tests say I'm fine. All therapists say it's from constant rejection and the feelingI don't deserve tofeel anything. The time to fix the problem is before you make a marriage commitment. Please take care of yourself and I wish you the very best.

I'm sorry to hear of your Anhedonia, that's incredibly sad, my deepest sympathy to you.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with me.

Angela, may I encourage you to read the following stories? I hope you will find these helpful in gaining an insight into your husband-to-be's behaviour.

The Three Stages of Love – Twice!

A Triangular Theory of Love

Sexlessness and the Fear of Intimacy

I also encourage you to read widely about "Adult Children of Alcoholics". One particular article that you may find helpful is:
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA): The 13 Characteristics

Point 7 says:
" Adult children of alcoholics have difficulty with intimate relationships."

You may also find the forum on here called "Adult Children of Alcoholics" (I think!) interesting.

enna, thank you, truly. I'll follow up on those links tomorrow, I appreciate your taking the time to write and refer them to me. I truly seek some understanding above all else...

Dear Angela: You have gotten some very sound advice here and I hope it helps. I am guessing that most of this is not what you were hoping to hear...but this is a place where truth is spoken, no matter how displeasing it may be.

I have been married to DH for 23 years. The sex started off just fine...satisfying and passionate. After 2 years together, we got engaged. As we got closer to the wedding, the sex started to drift off a bit. We had sex twice on our two-week honeymoon to Hawaii. Within the next few years, things dwindled. We now have not had intercourse in 17 years.

In your posts here, you say you "just want to know why.". Here at ILIASM, we have a saying: "The why does not matter". Let's say you do find out why...then what? Even with him as your partner, it is up to him to fix this. He knows there's a problem...he knows you're not happy...and he still hasn't fixed it. He may be the nicest guy in the world, but if you think you feel bad now, think of how you will feel after not having had sex for a decade...it happens.

One thing I will ask of you...at times, new posters tend to think this community is negative and/or bitter. It's actually quite the contrary. People have taken the time to respond to you because we know how much this hurts. Best of luck to you.

Thank you...
I'm open to hearing everyone's thoughts and experiences. As for the "why", well, more for my own peace of mind and closure really.
I can only look after myself, I can't change him, but I'd like a dialogue and that hasn't existed on this topic recently, we have thrown ourselves into work commitments and let our relationship issues get swept under the rug, so to speak.
Thank you for the wisdom

"He assures me it's not me". I had the same assurance for 12 years then was told that it was and always had been my fault. There are those here that will say I am wrong but I have to accept that I own at least some if not most of the culpability and need to do my part to try and make improvements. But I won't try forever!
Being alone when I am alone is one thing but being alone when I am with someone is the very worst.

You need to have sex life with him. You need to find out why he doesn't desire to have sex with you. Is he stepping out on you or pleasing himself. It he is cheating you don't need him because you are being true to him. If he is pleasing himself there is no reason he can't count you in. This will sound kinky but maybe you can watch each other taking care of your own needs. Sometimes there needs to be sharing you do what he want and him do what you want that are different that is the norm. You need to know what he wants to be more in tune with you. Lack of sex will not improve with marriage. If he can't or won't talk now it will not get better. Some time fresh start is best

I spent over a decade as a Shibari practitioner, amongst other teaching. Trust me, 50 Shades is very vanilla in my world of "kink". It's really about much more than that, there's a definite underlying issue I just wish he'd open up to me about.
When we first met he said he'd be open to trying most things but we never remotely ventured into anything like that. Which is completely fine with me, it isn't a life requirement, but intimacy is.
He's away on business right now, we have been avoiding the conversation and going on as if everything is great. But when he gets back I'd like to open up the conversation and see how he feels about our lack of intimacy right now.
Thank you for your time in writing me....

The advice you're receiving here is sound. It WON'T get better.

Sex with my wife started out great. It wasn't the absolute best, but it was something I could live with. Over time, things decline. Some of the people feel like they were deceived.

That you are discovering this issue before getting married and having children is a good thing. It's never too late to find a great guy. If you want to start a family, time is running out. Don't waste another month with a partner that isn't fully into you.

I read your updated post on how you are working on things with your wife. Whether its working or not I just want to commend you on a valiant effort, truly.
I don't see kids as being possible due to my career and my age. I'd hope not to have teenagers at home when I'm looking to retire.
I won't get married unless this is resolved and I'm comfortable, it wouldn't be fair to either of us.
Best of luck to you and thank you for writing me...

A lot of people are going in to the psychological aspects of your situation. I'm really puzzled most guys I know think about sex all day. I have a sex drive that literally wears my girlfriend out. Having an attractive partner is definitely a turn on, but when it gets all hot and steamy my brain really stops working. Even if I'm not the one initially in the mood it doesn't take much persistence from my significant other to get my attention. I'm sure it has nothing to do with you. You should never let his lower libido cause you to think it has anything to do with you. You can't blame yourself for his lack of sex drive. It sounds like all the other details in your relationship are fine. Spiritually in the bible it even says it is the responsibility of your spouse to maintain their physical appearance, and provide you with your sexual needs. Some people have commented that as long as he is doing the other things you shouldn't be too concerned about the lack of sex. I totally disagree sex is a very important part of any relationship it helps partners bond, affects hormones, puts you in a good mood, there are a lot of benefits. Still puzzles me why he wouldn't want to please someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I mean does he actually understand it's his responsibility, it's not like you can go to the store and buy a replacement once you are married. You did mention he goes away on long business trips it sounds like you work a lot of hours, which invites the opportunity to be promiscuous. Maybe start paying attention to the little details without over reacting. I know we all say it could never happen to me my significant other treats me great, loves me so much, they are very attentive, or whatever but a lot of times it's because of guilt. Unfortunately I've fallen victim to a cheating girlfriend and denied the possibility even with facts in my face for a long time. Lastly if you had a conversation with him and he was speechless or couldn't offer any explanation as to his lack of sexual interest I wouldn't call it a successful conversation maybe revisit it and don't let the subject drop until you've actually come to some kind of understanding.

sometimes you cant fixed whats already broken but you can try and work with the verry little pieces you got left... i mean you dont have to leave him but instead you should work some out with him.. like find a way to keep whta you guys have but improve that sex life in order to make you feel great... talk to him or talk to me ill let you know what we men would rather our women do in situations like this...

I do so very much get it. I suspect the matter will not improve after getting married. perhaps reconsidering going through with the wedding or staying in the engagement would be in order.
Truly, being in a sexless marriage is not what I had intended, I am sure I would not have gotten married had my relationship been sexless prior to getting married. It is great he does all that "nice" stuff for you. I am of the perception you want a FULL relationship not a valet.
I believe giving yourself the opportunity for a complete relationship may serve your future better than going forward with the current one.

I won't go ahead and get married with this unresolved one way or the other, that would be foolish I agree.
That's why I'm here, I'm trying to understand and learn and seek the experience of others who are going through the same thing. I don't believe all of our stories are the same or that we are refused for the same reasons, there's so much variance in people's history, but I really appreciate everyone sharing their thoughts so I can find something that resonates with me...

i think u should get out while you can..my advice is short and to the point. This will not get any better. He's already showing you how your life will be with him and you are not happy so why continue to subject yourself to this. I know that leaving someone is easier said then done but you must. Why do you feel guilty for talking to others about this? Don't feel that way. People NEED sex. People NEED intimacy. People NEED and DESERVE to be wanted by their partner. YOU NEED to be with someone that makes you feel BEAUTIFUL...Whatever his issues are, they are his issues and not yours. This is how he is. There are women who don't like sex so he should be with one of them. You two are not compatible. Do you really want to spend your life getting sex once a year and that's if you're lucky? He's being so good in other ways to compensate for the fact that he gives you NOTHING in the sex department. Sex is a very important part of a relationship. You need to connect with your partner in that way. Your relationship is unhealthy. It is unhealthy because it is destroying your self esteem and i am quite certain that it is some form of abuse. Please do not let this man do this to you. Get out asap.

I can't top the advice from Enna30, LaoTzu, et al. I can tell you that I was married for 27 years to a man who avoided conflict (google or search here for Passive/Aggressive behaviour) and please DON'T make that mistake. You mentioned that your BF is an adult child of an alcoholic - there's a whole body of knowledge on that particular issue.

You can find someone who is caring and considerate and does all those 101 little things you like (and you'd do the same for him) ... AND wants to be intimate with you. They're out there. Don't settle for less. Don't settle.

I'm trying to get my head around of all this, it's a lot to take in and process so please bear with me.
Thank you for sharing your advice, truly.

RE: "I feel guilty even complaining here, he's great to me in so many ways"

Hi Angela, I'm new to this forum too and what you have said really resonates with me. Before I got married, I only saw my SO once a week and we'd have sex (nothing mind blowing though). He was and mostly still is, 24.5 years later, "great to me in so many ways" like your fiance is to you. Back then, I hoped that once we got married and we were living together that the sex frequency would increase. I think you know what I'm going to say next. Once we said "I do", he said "I don't" (but not in words, you understand). In 24.5 years of marriage we've had sex a total of 10 times.

We were only married a few years when I threw him out because of the sex and intimacy issues. We got back together and we tried a sex therapist. The therapist interviewed us separately and then with all 3 of us back in the room the therapist said, "You both seem like really nice people but you don't belong together. I recommend that you divorce". That was it! Major kick in the head! And this was our first (and last) appointment!!!

Fast forward to today and we live together as roommates in separate bedrooms. I felt guilty just like you, thinking how could I be so selfish to want to have S.E.X.? As a coping mechanism I've always looked at his sexless-ness like a disease and after all, I did marry him for better or for worse. In my case the lack of sex has festered inside me for years and years. More recently I've become a very bitter, resentful and depressed woman. I try, he doesn't. I initiate, he rejects. It's an infinite loop of desperation. I won't give you advice as to what to do. But, I hope that my story doesn't become your story.

I think bazzar pretty much sums it up as to what is going on with your fiance. My husband too. Be well. //long4in2mc

This was a heartbreaking read. I'm sending a big hug your way.
What strikes me as amazing is the absolute trauma these sexless relationships can cause, the lasting psychological impact that they have, it blows me away.
We haven't done couples therapy, I'm hoping we can so we can at least get some help or conclude we are hopeless.

Thank you for sharing with me...

My two cents - therapy is a great opportunity to explore needs and wants safely. If both partners are willing and able, its possible to work out a good marriage. Therapy cannot magic into being desire if there is no desire. All the best.

I feel like all us women on ep need to meet up and talk. I'm scared of life to be honest. When I get older, will I have to deal with all this too? I'm getting this feeling that there's a reason I'm reading stories like these

INSPIREe,why should you!? If sex is very important to you(like for majority of healthy people), certainly do not rush into marriage with someone who is sexually so-so once a week in his 20s.... It is the biggest red flag of all... Being from disfunctional family and have deep issues rooting in his childhood is another one... but sure,reading here will not do you any harm... Good luck!

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You have an opportunity here to choose a path with less pain and regret. Your fiance cannot and does not love you the way you want or need to be loved. The 'why' does not matter. The facts remain - there was s e x, you got engaged, now the se x ual intimacy has slowed to a mere trickle.

Your fiance may be the nicest guy in the world but he will not be fulfilling a marital relationship with you. Consider, he is non-communicative now and uses distance as an avoidance tactic. There are already red flags about the other aspects of your relationship besides the lack of s e x ual intimacy. DO not be surprised if your desire to discuss is recast as nagging and harassment or if you are accused of being too focused on s e x.

Remember, being nice is also a method for wielding power and control - it fosters a situation where you feel guilty and selfish for bringing up issues. For a different perspective, check out my posts 'The Nice Refuser' and "A Simple Thought'. Read widely here. Many of us have been in marriages devoid of passion and intimacy for quite a number of years, decades for some. Its like a house of mirrors. Best not to step in if you can help it. Be well.

Thank you Lao, I'll read though those and see if anything resonates.
Thank you for your thoughts...

News just in -

- not all blokes like rooting.

- some blokes (if running a bait and switch agenda) can bring themselves to do the deed at a level sufficient to trap you before reverting to their naturally intimacy averse state.

- some blokes, when the brain chemicals are firing in a new romance, can fire up to pretty 'normal' levels. But once the brain chemicals settle down, their desire for intimate connection drops like a wrought iron hang glider. Some of these blokes, in the flush of brain chemicals, genuinely believe they have 'normal' needs of intimate expression.

You have got such a bloke. It ain't fixable.

Tread your own path.

This is interesting because always been the aggressor when it comes to commitment and moving in together and planning things together, but it gives me something to consider...
Are you British too by chance?

I rather think Angela, that you might find (on a searching examination of the facts) that what he may be selling you as plans that are good for "we" actually have their foundation in what is good for "me".

"- some blokes, when the brain chemicals are firing in a new romance, can fire up to pretty 'normal' levels. But once the brain chemicals settle down, their desire for intimate connection drops like a wrought iron hang glider. Some of these blokes, in the flush of brain chemicals, genuinely believe they have 'normal' needs of intimate expression."
Oh,Bazzar,this should be forever visible for everyone,especially who enter this sad group.... Short and clear answer for thousands desperate WHY! If you don"t mind I would like to put it in my blog...

Just re-read your comment Sister Angela. My reply, above, was based on him driving the show, and on a re-read maybe you meant that YOU predominantly drive the show. If that is the case, then I'd suggest that his acquiesence to your driving is of a qualified nature.
If what you propose suits him and his agenda then he complies. If what you propose doesn't suit him and his agenda then he doesn't.
Say for example, you propose "let's live together and **** each other silly". You get compliance with the 'living together' part, but not the '*******' part of the proposition.

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In my experience it does not get better. If this is the way things are before you get married, there's no way to improve. Control what you can control and that's YOU.

He may be afraid of whatever but put all that aside. Don't think about him, think about you. Think about the way you feel now and imagine feeling this way on your wedding day and wedding night. That's no way to start a life together. The burden will only weigh heavier on you if you have children. Even if you don't have children, think about what you would want for your daughter. That was the true turning point for me. It's easier to consider the needs of others. Know that you deserve to be happy. Your needs and wants matter just as much as his.

Goodness me, just writing this comment brings emotions of my own crap flooding back. Please keep reading here. You will find great advice and see that you are far from alone. And please listen to Enna30 and all the other great advice... DO NOT MARRY HIM!

Thank you for your thoughts, I appreciate your sharing.

Oh Angela! My heart bleeds for you. This relationship has nowhere to go but DOWN. I am so sorry for you but I can advise you from my own personal experience that this man will NOT make a good husband. My dear Ex had many similar qualities and I convinced myself that the sex was "adequate" - and we were not yet at the truly sexless point when we married!!


As with all newbies, I strongly encourage you to read and read and read here. Read stories and forum posts. When you read a story or comment by someone whose remarks resonate with you, click on their User name and read all their contributions (or a number of them).

There are many long term members here - and many of us who have left our sexless marriages and are now in much happier relationships. At thirty nine, you may be feeling that your time is limited but many of us have started afresh in our forties, fifties and sixties - after decades in sexless marriages. And we are the ones who are SO keen to encourage people like yourself NOT to sacrifice your own needs for someone else whose needs are different.

In any relationship, the person with the lower libido will be the one who sets the pace for sexual interactions. Many couples adapt to this because the differences are not so great. But where one partner is not interested in sex at all, then it causes the other spouse a lifetime of anguish.

The fact that your partner is, in other ways, a loving and attentive companion, makes this harder IMO. You get to thinking how lovely he is in so many ways and start feeling guilty because you MISSSSSSSSS the sex! But believe me, and the thousands of others here who have lived this for years and decades - it gets WORSE, not better.

Thank you ena, I'm happy to be here and get some support by those who have been there.
I cannot fathom discussing it with even my closest of friends, I don't know how they'd judge us for it and quite frankly it's embarrassing.
Thank you for you support.

Please understand that I'm not trying to be unpleasant, but realise the absurdity of a lifelong sexual partnership, where you don't have sex.

Oh I do, truly, that's why I am here. To get an understanding of the "why" and get some advice.
I won't get married if there's no change.

I'll be opinionated. I don't think anyone understands the 'why'. You're falling into the trap most rational people fall into - 'if I only understood the why then perhaps I could fix it'. From my experience, even they don't know why, and they just dredge up a litany of reasons, most of which don't stand up. They simply are what they are.

Don't complicate things, because it's easy to get caught up in details. Simple statement, marriage is about bonding with your life sexual partner. If that seems unlikely to be achievable, it's probably best not to proceed.

AGREED x 1,000,000

Once it goes down THAT road it never gets better....

Is that your personal experience? I wonder... are there any success stories? Has anyone ever come back here to share a positive change or do we just hear the initial stories and people drift away?
I'm actually quite shocked at volume of members, it's epidemic it seems.
Not quite ready to leap into the abyss of hopeless...

Thank you, fern, that's true, letting it go would be bad. I could see it becoming the "norm" and even harder to recuperate if we pretend it's not an issue and just go on with our lives.

"I wonder... are there any success stories?" The number is negligible...and only if something was there in the first place....

u want sex then choose another person like me to enjoy the life love only not enough .with out sex there is no enjoyment in life

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