I See Most Here Are Ladies

im a 57 year old man that lives in a sexless marriage, im one of those guys that like to make out during commercials and both wifes that i had always pushed and push me away. my wife now hates any touching from me whatsoever.
i relocated from cali to pa and feel i got jilted, i know i got jilted. im in a terrible loveless marriage and want to just leave but who would hire an almost retired machinist?
the bible says not to abstain from sexual desire except prayer and of course the womans monthly cycle lest you be tempted. yes i am tempted to recieve love from the oppisite sex, in other words, im horny lol.
but im very lonely and everything i do i do by myself which isnt fair being so far from home.
as far as talking to my wife that is like pulling teeth.
i know i need to leave her but just afraid to, i do love my wife but it would be very easy to fall out of love
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Hmmm... you like to make out during commercials? Pardon me but you sound like a totally inconsiderate ***, if you conduct your interpersonal relationships like this then I can understand why no woman would want anything to do with you! What about love, honor, respect? Turn off the TV and show some compassion, son!

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