Away Wife

i live in a sexless marriage because my wife lives away from me. because of work circumstances i live in Europe and my wife is in the US. sometimes we stay two or three months without having physical sex, but when ever we get together we have the most passionate sex. we live in a open marriage and sometimes she comes and visit me and sometimes i go visit her. we are looking forward to having something more steady in the near future. we are allow to have sex with other people as long as we stay true to eachother. i had my share of lovers and she has hers. sometimes i introduce my friends to her and she introduced her friends to me. it all work out for the good because we have needs and going long periods without sex wasnt gonna work. we like the relationship we have build now and because of it we have met many nice people a long the way. :-)
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Sorry, but this is the strangest set up I've ever heard. How is sleeping with other people "staying true to each other"? If you're living in other countries and screwing other people, you may as well be divorced, because this sounds more like a "friends with benefits" situation than a marriage.

<p>ba<x>sed on this story, and the others by this poster, I am beginning to think that the fabulous "JeffryKolkotta", the master of sub continental ****, is back among us using a different name.</p><p>Whatdya reckon Lao ? Is it Jeffry ??</p>