5 Years

I have been with my patrner for 10 years and we have a 5 year old Daughter.
We have not had sex since we found out she was expecting nearly 5 and a half years.
Its a long time and very hard to take but I will not leave my Daughter.

I feel humiliated and worthless some times.
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A read of the story "You Pay Now - the Kids Can Pay Later" would be a worthwhile read for you I think.
It might get you to challenge your thinking about "staying for the kids", have a look at the big picture of 'for / against', and make an informed choice.
This choice may - or may not - be, the same choice as you have made today.

Tread your own path.

are you married to her?

why you both cant have sex ?

You won't be setting a good example for you daughter staying in a dead marriage... Don't tell yourself you are doing it for her, because she won't be better for it.

What are the reasons for not having sex? (In your opinion I mean) I feel sorry for anyone living in a sexless marriage, who wants to be having sex, because it's not like that's what you signed up for really is it? I'm assuming the first 5 years of marriage you were having normal amounts of sex? And then suddenly never again when finding out your wife was pregnant? I'm assuming you've spoken about it with her a number of times or tried counselling?