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My story is simple I've been married couple of yrs now and my loving wife cheated on me multiple times I'm just finding out now we do not have children of our own she has children and the father does not want to b in ther lives he walked out never looked back we were both from previus marriages I have a teen boy my x left me for a grind of mine that's another story so any way my wife now goes out wile I'm home with her children that will now end I can't blame this guy b cause I don't know what was told to him did I confront him o yes I'm a very blunt and to the point I do not surger coat and I hate lies and deseption you got something to say speak it no need to hide what you do b honest it makes life so much easier and don't put kids in the mix they don't deserve it I know were I went wrong I put everyone first and make sacrifices for these people and it got me know were
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Ya i said the same thing


Your story may well be simple, but **** it is hard to decipher.

Your missus is cheating, and you're considering leaving, yeah ?

Sounds like a good plan.

Tread your own path.

Yes I am leaving I'm done that whole seen only been married 4 yrs I got nothing to lose