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I have to say even though I have not had sex in 13 months I have to say reading and you all sharing your stories and comments have all help. For that I say thank you. I knew I was not alone living in a Sexless Marriage but that fact that I found a forum like this is great! And to all you men who live in this type of a Marriage I feel for you and say hang in there. To all you women, me being a husband I am sorry. I don't know what any of you look like but you all deserve for your husband to have sex with you and jump your bones like a man should. No matter if you have gained weight, gotten wrinkles, gray hair or anything you are all sexy in your own right. My wife has gained weight and is now about 40 pounds bigger than me. I still think she is sexy as hell. The other day she walked through the house in panties and a t-shirt. I actually got an erection, so I still think she hot as hell. I don't know how this will all turn out but I am staying more positive no matter what the out come of my situation. For that I say thank you!
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Bazzar she did not go to the doc. Back in May one night we went out, got drunk, came home and for months it was like we were just dating..

Way back in May 2011, your missus was "going to go to the Doc".

Did she ever do that ?

Tread your own path.

I'm a gonna find me a blind man. 'Cause to the eye "straight is great" , but to the hands "meat is neat" ! heh heh. ;-)

My spouse has put on a fair amount of weight since we married, and I'm still attracted to her. If she touches me I'm ready right away. Really though, it's the emotional abuse that gets in the way. In the end, you just need someone who really wants you. A little extra weight isn't as important as a good attitude.

What a great attitude.