Where Is My Fault.

she is there laying in bed.her beautyfull body curve making my heart beat fast.i see her sexy hips.....wishing just to lower her inners and do want i want to do.i want her to moan.bite me.make some noice. its so tight inside ......but its all day dreaming.and i have been doing it from last 49 days.does she care???
but now i am getting weak. i have started thinking about other women who find me very sexy...i realised it when i had a dream. and i saw no one else....but her own sister in my dream.
i dont want to be weak. but after every passing day....i am getting weaker.what is my fault.....my mind and body....both are hungry........
so many out here....like me.killing themselves inside slowly.......sooo many...like me.
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5 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Dear superexcel, it sounds like you are on a different page to your partner. I think it's fair to say that when the sexlife goes out the window in a relationship that there are other areas of the union that probably aren't gelling for both or one of the parties. Also fair to say that male and female sexual urges and needs are somewhat different - and that a woman's libido seems to diminish after child birth for some, and then the hormonal shifts nearing menopause. That aside, there are likely an infinite number of factors and it's never cut and dry as to why sexless marriages seem to be all the more common, or at least more people are speaking openly about it in our times. Like with most relationship dilemmas it's usually helpful to ask oneself what our own doing is in the results at hand. Podiddle3 suggests that at attempt at seduction might yield the results you seek ...good luck with that. I would say - look at the relationship as a whole and find the weaker links. Begin there and forget about how sexy you think other women may find you - and perhaps think a little more about what this fantasy around her sister is all about. Women can smell thought crimes a mile off! If you really love your wife be the best guy she would, could ever have in her life ...

What are you actually getting at here ?

That you desrve a break because you don't deserve to be sexually refused ?

What ?

Tread your own path.

Oh how I wish someone would want me like this. I left my sexless marriage in October but finding a lover is like finding a needle in a haystack. I am a good looking woman age 50 who takes good care of herself. All the men my age that I see are with their wives. It so sad to have been in a sexless marriage for years and I still can't get laid.

When you go to bed tonight with your wife go to bed NAKED! Kiss her and touch her softly, caressing her body gently. If you can get the kisses to be passionate and you're touching her body and she isn't moving away you're half-way there. If she doesn't touch you guide her hand to wear you want to be touched. Tell her she's beautiful, tell her you want her, you ache for her beautiful body and to make passionate love to her. Keep kissing her and give her lots of foreplay ---- make it all for her --- touch her the way she most likes to be touched, kissed, etc. If she's wearing a nightie tell her how sexy she looks in it and if she's wearing pajamas open them to touch her underneath them. If birth control is your responsibility then have a condom opened and at the ready so she knows you want to make love. Of course, first you have to make sure she's in a good mood. If she's in a bad mood or angry none of this will help until you help put her in a better mood. Whatever you do, DON'T tell her you've been thinking about other women and especially NOT her sister. Tell your wife she is your soulmate --- the only one for you and you find her incredibly sexy and irresistable! You may have to try this a few times until she is receptive so don't give up too easily! I hope you will post again in a few days to let me know if this helped. Bear in mind, she may not change overnight so please give her some time. Focus on HER and she will focus on YOU. It's a new year ----- go for it!


And if this perfect scenario doesn't work, go for the tried-and-true Wellbutrin, Fifty Shades of Grey, and BDSM combo to get her motor revved up.

Dammit, I almost fell for it myself.

Perhaps your mind and body are hungry to be dumped by her sister, now that your wife has effectively completed the job. Snap out of it and get a life of solo performance. No one owes you a root. No one owes your wife an ******.