Sexless Prison

Being married for me is like being in a sexless prison. I hate this life, I need passion so desperately!! I'm nineteen and everybody says i'm gorgeous,and incredibly sexy. I know this myself. Men always want me to do stupid **** men do. I have no problem cheating on Gregg. I just want it to be memorable. I don't want some fool draining his ball bag b4 I get my honeyhole all warm and juicy. I've already had an incredible sexual,(and adulterous, fling with Gregg's wonderful mother. Yes, its true,my mother in law(36 yr old),and I crave each other so much!! I am her little *****. Mary Ann has introduced me to this incredible lesbian lust, full of sin and pure sexual pleasure. My new wife coaxed me into trying some meth with her, to enhance the desire between us. Omg i've never felt so aroused, ever!! We did our lezzie, thing all day, and then rented a hotel room for another week. I couldn't stop ******* for six days, nonstop!! I love my mil, and we both wish we were biological family, bcuz then we could have insest so wrong, and do drugs together in secret immoral pleasure!! I ********** constantly, like I am now. I admit to smoking my crank as I write this account of my need for new partners to ****. Mary ann and I are in love, but I will never be faithful. I just want to be a **** all the time. Come join me please. Message me, and i'll give you my em and phone number. You can rape me for days, nobody will know our secret..mmmm xxxxoooo
mrswaycurious mrswaycurious
18-21, F
10 Responses Jan 12, 2013

You are indeed gorgeous. And your drive....stirring!

lol your stories made me laugh i like the slutty attitude :) young, wild and not so free but it seems you are i love it xoxo

Mmm! Lov to **** u all night! Damn?,

thats a funny story.. but lets stick to reality... some of us on here - really have REAL problems..!!

...I often tell people not to do anybody I wouldn't do...this is the sort of person I had in mind while telling them that...

hi dear... can i be a part of ur life..
its me ronit, stay in mumbai...
cell:- 8767649964

You are running a real close 2nd.

Clubhouse leader of moron of the week contest.

Gregg? Mary Ann? I feel like I'm reading **** about Gilligan's Island and the Brady Bunch.

Since we are just writing nonsense today; Pickles are cucumbers that stayed in a sexless marriage for too long and became bitter. 😉