People We Need To Fix This!!

For my short time on EP I see that the “I live in a Sexless marriage” Group is extremely active with post and members. People we need to fix this. Are marriages are one of the most important thing in our lives.

I have been married for 24 years total. It was 12 years to the first wife and now 12 years to my current wife. In both marriages every few months were different, sometimes the sex was Daily “rare”, Weekly “ often“, Monthly, “sadly more common”, and once Yearly, “Those my friends were SHITY years”.

I think with the help of all the members in this group we can help each other change the problems we have in are marriages. But how do we do this?
Do we classify and/or group each marriage? Then once you know what kind of marriage you would be classified in. We could then help out our fellow group members who are in or were in a similar situation.

Examples would be like:
No time for spouse, too much work, kids’ activities, too much me time, ext.
Are you or your spouse sexually inadequate, due to medical problems, ED, Fast shooter, ext.?
Are you or your spouse not able to sexually ******, Ext.?
Is your spouse a *****, or sissy?
Do you satisfy yourself and not your spouse?
Do you just want to **** around with other people?
These are just some quick ideas. I would have to guest that most of us really want to have a happy, healthy, and sexually satisfying marriage. I hope we can help each other out.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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I beleive you mean OUR marriages are one of the most important thing in our lives.

Doesnt matter what categories you want to split people under at the end of the day their all sexless.

I suggest as a newbie here you take the time to do some reading, and learn before you open your mouth.

I'm so glad Baz set you straight.

I have been thinking a lot about this. I have way too much time on my hands. We in the USA are all ****** up about marriage. Why do we have to break up marriages over sex. In all seriousness I have been thinking that marriage would be better served as a business. It is used for tax deductions, health insurance, security and raising of children. So a husband or wife should really have no problem with a spouse taking a lover if he or she is unwilling to meet their partners needs. I asked my husband for an open marriage because I do not feel right sneaking around. He had refused me sex for years. He slept on the couch and the few times he came into the bedroom he was engrossed in his phone. He spent far more time petting the dog than me. HOWEVER, he went nuts. Stated that it was against his moral values, religious codes, ect. In the end I left with my children and moved to a new city alone. Thoughts anyone???

Clap! Clap! Clap!

You did something that I envy and I give you lots of credit for. But I can never do the same, because we love each other very much, we are romantic, but she completely manipulate me when it comes to intimacy or sex, it is very hard to explain. She is also completely against open marriage.

Sex gets boring with the same partner, same thing specially if she doesn't want to explore. Our nature is to attract new partner, so there is no easy solution. Every couple deal with it differently. I just want our society to be more accepting of the fact and be respectful and not interfere in others affairs.

Off to the crusades we shall charge eh, full of self righteous intent to eradicate the scourge of sexless marriage in society.

Give me a break.

These shithole situations are dealt with one by one. They are not dealt with by a collective posse of anti sexless marriage zealots charging off over the horizon.

Your dysfunctional marriage Brother M, is dealt with by you.

My dysfunctional marriage is dealt with by me. I may call upon the collective wisdom of the membership here to help me craft my solution. I may seek a bit of moral support as I carry out my solution.

But YOU, can't do for me that which is my responsibility to do myself.

And I, cannot do for you what is your responsibility to do yourself.

Tread your own path.

Note to self. Read profile first. Age group 36/40. Married 24 years. ie married at age 12/16


Maybe he was married for 10 yrs to both ..but thats a topic for another group

agree, trolldar was jangling when I read this. I do think there's a social/political element of the SM that needs changing & challenging - mainly to stop other fvckwits getting involved where they have no business, which seems regretfully common. But whether in our own situations or changing social attitudes,that's best done with people you know.

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