What pertinent information should I bring to a lawyer for a consult? Property appraisal and mortgage info(which includes how much of the money was used to pay off his debts and our debts, and how much is still owed to our repective parents) I am assuming, but what else?
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If it is your first consult just bring yourself. It will largely be a general interview so he/she can get a basic idea of the case.

Based on the first interview you will likely get a clearer idea of where you stand legally, financially etc.

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bring a list of questions you want answered.

When I first consulted my lawyer she told me upfront that if I was interested in contesting my husband for every penny or trying to drag him through the mud, she was NOT the right lawyer for me! I truly appreciated that fact - because I was certainly NOT wanting to do those things.

Take the "temperature" of your lawyer to see if she/he sounds like a person with the same aims as you. For example, had my lawyer said "We'll take him for every cent we can get!" I would have known she was the WRONG lawyer for me.

Best of luck!!