I'm Sad.....

I've been married to a great guy for the past 25 years. Our story is not too unfamiliar to many I suppose..........

We married fairly young and have two wonderful adult daughters. I have always contributuded significantly to our finances and made sure that I supported my husband in whatever career moves he has made in the past. He had an affair 7 years into our marraige during a particularly difficult time for me, my grandparents were murdered, I was supporting my mother emotionally and financially my husband had gone through a difficult work period where he was not bring money in for a while.

After the affair, he wouldn't touch me for a long time. We moved countries and made a fresh start. I have found it extremely difficult to get over the betrayal and in retrospect became suspicious of other times previous to this as well.
He doesn't initiatiate sex at all anymore. I am fit and a corporate professional where work takes me away from home periodically. I have never cheated or even come close although opportunities have presented themselves periodically.

My husband is attractive and tall and women think he is fabulous he is pretty useful when it comes to building and handyman projects for home improvements etc. lots of people comment on what an attractive couple we are. I would be devastated if our family was broken, but do feel like I have 'done all the right things' for so long, I just feel sad and tired of it all.
I love my husband and he's pretty hot but I'm feeling so weary of this dance and it makes me feel so sad, time is passing me by and although he says he loves me and is extremely committed to me and our family, I wonder what it would feel like to be the love of somebody's life ( I know LOL).
Any thoughts out there? Loving all the stories, makes me a little less sad!
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geez! No worries everyone not a ghost, just an anonymous option. First and last post ever!
Many thanks to those that responded to my post.

Is the term "An EP User" (the name of this poster) a new way of saying "Profile deleted ?"

Ah, yah!


That doesn't mean you can't read the responses. It just means you can't delete the post or any comments if you didn't delete it before deleting the account. The crazy thing is that you could create a new account with the same user name (assuming no-one adopted it in the meantime) and reply to your 'own' message but still not be able to delete the post.

I accepted a long time ago that the world is a truly strange place and to take nothing for granted. It is difficult to remember it, sometimes!

Thanks for the confirmation.
I had written a long and detailed response to this when I saw the name had gone to "An EP User".
Not much point in replying to ghosts I figured.

It sounds like you have many doubts and suspicions. Have you considered couples counseling? Does your husband really know how you feel? Talk and professional help may improve your relationship...or bring the truth to light.

Sorry, those "little" things you told bout him put him out of great guys league straight away... He had an affair ...at particular hard time for you... He did not have any remorse, did not show any regret and to add insult to injury he demonstrated that he actually did not want you... Though you choose to keep the marriage and try hard to make it work... He was doing the opposite(as I read from your story)...