I'm In A Play!!

So I have been trying to follow the wonderful advice given here at EP and live my life as if STBX is irrelevant. A few days ago I randomly saw a notice for auditions for a community theater company and thought "What the heck". I felt like I was on a secret mission when I went to auditions without telling him first. He probably would have been home in time to watch the kids, but I am a single mother now so I got a babysitter. Well, you are talking to a cast member of Neil Simon's Fools. Something just for me, and my oldest is really excited about seeing his mommy on stage. I can tell STBX is pissed but since his usual methods of control haven't been working he is just avoiding me. Perfect! It still feels very strange to make me decisions, almost like I am doing something wrong, but I am getting there.
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Good for you! But i bet you anything he wouldn't think twice about doing something for him.

:) COOL!

See you in Hollywood

I'm so happy for you. You are doing great! Keep on keepin on.

You are not doing anything 'wrong' - you are doing something 'different' and at this stage unfamiliar. You are doing something in your own bests interests.

This is good.

Hopefully, your "me" thinking will take root for you and become something you automatically do. Enhanced life, here you come.

Anyone who doesn't want to join you on the journey can eat your dust.

Tread your own path.

You are starting to look after number 1 and this bothers him to every extent. Indeed the realising that he is losing control over you is probably just starting to sink in and you can bet that it hurts just as bad as a Mike Tyson right hook.

I am guessing that this tool has come to the sudden realisation that his days are numbered. Keep going down the new road you have chosen. The surface is much smoother and more pleasant than the old bumpy road.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

Congrats on the play! Live your own life. You go, girl!

"He probably would have been home in time to watch the kids, but I am a single mother now so I got a babysitter. " - Thats 'me' thinking for sure.

That is so awesome! Extra upside to this, you're going to be introduced to a whole new array of people and experiences, life is expanding beyond, way beyond your disfunctional marriage.
Isn't it true thar good relationships expand your world, unhealthy ones shrink it?

WOW! Congratulations!!!

We can all say "we knew her back when..." lol