Some Big O Facts

In a 2001 study from the Queen's University in Belfast, Ireland, men who had sex to the point of ****** three times a week cut their risk of heart attack or stroke in half.

Research suggests that ******* can lower the rate of prostate cancer and reduce the risk of certain sex-organ-related diseases.

The main difference in how men and women ****** is that men reach a point where they can't hold back from an ******. On the other hand, women can lose an ****** even as it's happening.

All kinds of age-defying events happen as three hormones (beta endorphin, prolactin and oxytocin) spill out of the brain during ****** to promote happiness, diminish pain and increase relaxation.

Scientists have found that the chemicals and pheromones in male sweat increase sexual desire in women.

A long-term study of 3,500 people in Scotland found that regular sex may shave roughly 4 to 7 years off your physical appearance. In addition to greater confidence and self-esteem, sex increases the body's production of human growth hormone, which improves muscle tone.

For men and women, morning seems to be the best time for ******. Testosterone levels are higher, blood flow is greater and you have more energy.

Too much stress saps away a person's libido by affecting hormones and mood, and by interfering with the quality time that helps a couple.

The majority of women have an ****** more easily with direct stimulation to the clitoris.

During ******, the muscles in a woman's pelvis, anus, uterus and vagina contract, causing a throbbing feeling. Muscles throughout the rest of the body, often in the face, legs and back, also begin to contract.

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What I want to know the benefits of ****** accrue to masturbatory ****** as much as coital ******?

Who knows lol!!!

good prescription!beverybody needs it!

Check the nerve ending count in the head of a penis versus a clitoris and you will understand why women enjoy sex so much more than men

And if you check out the number of neurones in the brain, you'll understand why both men and women (at least some of them), enjoy sex and intimacy very much indeed.

I think you'll also find that the number of sexual nerve endings is similar, it's the density that higher in the clitoris; but then the organ is homologous.

rw5453: ... and you say that as a man registered on ILIASM.

Things change as time goes on and ep is too difficult to navigate change

Oooo, dont forget the depression battling effects of *****.

Right. Once Eli Lilly is interested in *****, it will truly become a precious bodily fluid.

and taxed....

Time to get out that ol' vibrator again ... for my "health" of course LOL

Where do you get a prescription?

Not in most states you don't --- it's addictive!

These theories about the value of ****** are wasted here.

Tread your own path.

Some have hope...... They could offer them to their spouses in hopes of helping out the situation.

LOL. Tried that too. I found that presenting a rational case for sex, tends to be self-defeating in the short and long run.

exactly ;)

We are NOT the normal ones, that's the whole point.
"Normal" spouses engage in intimate behaviours with each other. That does NOT describe the reality of most members here (though it may well describe what they'd like the situation to be.

No.... I do not believe that there are any "normal spouses" out there..... We are just on here talking about it openly..... the "normal" ones are hiding behind closed doors trying to make people believe their life is peachy king.

Awww man! I was hoping the one about shaving 4-7 years off your physical appearance was true. I could use that one.

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