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My wife and I have been married for over 32 years, we dated in high school married other people and after failed marriages both of us we got together. I've always been a person who kept secrets such as ****. More than 15 years ago she discovered my stash and went off the deep end saying that I cheated on her. This is when she shut me out no more physical contact period. I had always thought it would get better but it has not. So we now sleep in different bedrooms and only hold hands. Should I wait until I retire or ask for a divorce. Oh and by the way she has no interest in seeing professional help.
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<p>In some ways I think this "An EP User" could have some value in the 'sorting' process.</p><p>Four out of five initial posters here **** off and are never seen again after their first post.</p><p>If someone is going to come in under the cloak of "An EP User", it seems highly likely to me that they are not going to be here for the long haul. And, you are never going to get their back story to put things into context in the unlikely event they do hang around.</p><p>So at this point, I am intending using the "An EP User" as identifier of stories to which there is no point in responding to.</p><p>I'll keep an open mind, as I may have this quite wrong, but until such time as I see evidence to the contrary, "An EP User" = 'give it a miss'.</p><p>Tread your own path.</p>

I am not understanding why so many recent stories are posted anonymously. Does EP allow posting without an account now? I am confused. :/

Yes, a new (and mostly undesirable feature). My stance is to leave them alone.


Thanks. I had observed the "An EP User" and figured it was a euphemism for 'deleted account'.
That clarification - that any **** can post using this generic identity does make them not worth bothering with.

i agree, that If the author isn't interested in at least having some sort of contact information, well then i don't see the point of me bothering to read or comment..this is my first effort, and most likely my last effort with anonymous posts, concerning the sexless marriage topic.

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