Wow Cheeka Wow Wow.

Just watched the axe effect advt on tv.just thinking are there realy any women out there who get turn on so easily.atleast my wife dont get turn on for so many days.even thr axe deo dont work.
Are there realy any women out there who want sex evry night...are there?just wish to hear wow chika wow from them.
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Axe your TV.

What, you want a woman with such low standards that she'd bang some stranger because of his deoderant? I knew a girl that blew guys for cigarette money.... not sure how this ties in......
Its a sad statement that even tv ads are catching on to the pussification of men. Used to be the men did the pursuing.....

And then the fight began. :-)

Chasing deodorants is silly, but in an egalitarian world one does expect women to do their fair share of pursuing, especially men that are happy to do their share of cooking and baby-burping in turn. Isn't that what civilization is about?

Ulae, I completely agree. May both parties enjoy the chase, whether as predator or prey, and I mean that in the fun way!

Ray, aren't you tired of practicing restraint? Let loose, man! :-)