Keap On Counting Days

Finaly after putting on all the was on 69day that i hoped that she too wants to have sex tonight.i took the shower.cleaned the room.tried to make it look romantic.candles...soft music etc.i laid in bed.and few mins of wait she came in the bed.after 15mins of casual talk...i kept my hand on her waist and pushed her towards me gently.""you are always in hurry........."she tells me.i replied.......dear its been 69nights that i have been doing the talk and no sex.""you count days?"".....she gets angry....turns around and sleap.the one who feals ignored will count days.and the one who ignores....dont even realise that she is counting days.
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So Brother Superexcel you are one of those that believe in the scented candles and massage routine. Keep reading up here to find out how mistaken this theory is.

Given her previous track record what made you think that her form guide will improve on the 69th day?

Indeed i myself had a civil discussion last night as my wife kept pestering me on why i have been so distant toward her lately. Like she didn't know, but anyway i made it known loud and clear that her lack of affection bordering 4 weeks now is totally unacceptable.

Her response was if i helped her around the house more she would be more willing to engage in sex. What a load of crap but anyway knowing better i actually helped her clean up the extensive mess that the tradesman made that was fixing areas of the house.

So sure enough i had lived up to her supposed concerns and aborted my cleaning strike and sure enough just to prove to myself that she is full of i delibrately put the moves on her last night.

End result i was shot down quicker than a terrorist war plane.

Bottom line is no amount of candle scents, massages, house cleaning, etc is going to put her in the mood if she does not desire you.

Your either have to accept it or do something to change your current situation.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

From a wife's view.. if the marriage it strong the house can be a mess and there will still be time for making love. The house work is not your only problem it was an excuse.

Sister onmyway the excuses used i know all too well. Instead i used this little example to prove to her that she is full of crap.

She sat in bed like a stunned mullet after she had figured out i set her up for it.

Thanks for the support.

But did it get you anywhere? her sitting on the bed thinking? are you still counting or have you gotten to rest the count?

No of course i didn't get anywhere. Wont be counting the days for too much longer.

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