What About My Desire?

Here she is....finaly comes out from the shower.her hair all wet.ican see her pink bra from her see thru top.the breasts so hot.her warm body electrifying the room.as she sits in couch with legs crossed....i can see her panties and beautyfull lehgs. I just wish to open the legs wide open and get into her.just like ocean waves enter the beach.her eyes so neautyfull.i cant stop my self to look deep in them. Her lips tastes likr wine.just want to taste them.i need her tonight....evry night.want to cover her like bed sheet covers the bed.want to use my tounge all over her. But she is telling me this.........i am so tired .......what should i do? I cant be selfish.let her sleap.....but what about my desire?will i have to kill them once again?what should i do?
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6 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Mayday! Terrain --- pull up! Mayday! ...

<p>What should I do ??</p><p>Dump the *****.</p><p>Contact that spell caster (see other comment) and maybe said spellcaster can turn you into something useful.</p>

I actually think at this point you are just a spammer, or have some sort of personality disorder, getting something out of these stories.

I don't think for a minute you have posted any stories from your actual life.

Yea, something strange is going on here.

If he is merely ******* off while writing this, why fret? But he should do "sensate focus" exercises to get his mind off her body. Seriously.

Superxcel i feel your pain. Unfortunately all options available to you suck but one needs to be made.

You can either

1) Stay and put up with it and have the occassional sulk here
2) Start looking after yourself and detach from her.
3) Seek Legal Advice on how a divorce will pan out for you and start to prepare your exit strategy or
4) Sit her down and lay out an ultimatium. However if you go down this road be sure to follow through with whatever ultimatiums you make or you will forever lose her respect and be viewed as a door mat full of hot air.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

How many years she has been so tired? She will be more and more...and even more tired... probably in 5 years she will tell you are both too old to have IT...

You have 3 choices as everyone here...

1-accept and stay

That s happenning to me and my boyfriend. He always has an excuse.. I have a super hot slender body long hair, etc, he sais he loves me but is not interested in sex (he wont admit it) i textually cried for one week because I couldnt stand one more day without sex, to the point that I couldnt stop thinking of sex.. That never happened to me before. Im so sorry to tell you this, but I even discuss this with my boyfriend and it seems like I didnt say a thing... An old boyfriend call me to see each other to exchange Xmas gifts during 3 pm lunch.. We drank wine, we ended in a hotel having sex for 3 hours. I was completely desperate (4 months waiting to have sex, and probably had it 5 times for 5 min each) You dont need to suffer, couples are meant to have intimacy and feel love, if she does not want to take responsibility and do something, just move on... Life pass quickly, we dont need to add more problems to our life. I think that the supposed "low libido" is bullshit is a curtain wall for what they really want that for sure is another person different to us, straight or gay...