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I was married ten years ago. I used to think that evry one enjoys sex equaly.but i was wrong.first few months were ok.we werr doing it daily.but after few months things started changing. The score was reduced to thrice in month.i could not figure it out ...why? I could understand that she is getting more busy with routine. But so was i in my helps to bring back refreshes . But it was my point of view.i waited for night.but evry night same result..sometimes she was tired and sometimes she was not in mood.couple of times she fell asleap while talking.and simetimes she used ti sleap despite my hands inside her panties.....u can smile.but i am not boring in bed.believe me.slowly days passed by.i lije many of you....started counting days.avg was once in month.i got more and more desperate.i told her about my physical needs.but evry time i raised this topic...she started crying. And to fight with her for low sex score....i was not sure.although i was angry inside.
My anger and desperation took me to world of chatt.yahooo.i started realising that there are so many people....male female both who were on chat for same felt nice to talk to eaualy horny women. I felt relaxed.but in the end we all need body to sleap with in the problem still remained.and feals so bad to ********** after marriage.
After two years i became DAD. And i knew that things wont improve from here.average sex score was once in two months. She was working hard at home and i was doing same in bussiness.other than sex ...evrything was fine.i had no complaints. Time was flying and i was blessed with second child. I love my kids.i wanted them to be raised with maximum love and care.....both from mom and dad.
So the guy in me who wished sex was dying.chating on the other hand was my only pleassure. Chatting gave me few good freinds who always told me things would get better in bed. Till then i got cyber fun with them. I was gaining weight coss of long sittings in front of comp. The desire to do cyber made me skip my work. Cyber helped me in some way. But also made me more frustated and desperate for sex.
Time was passing. I was happy the way she was taking care of home. But at the cost of my sexual desire. Because she felt asleap as soon as she laid in bed. And i was left alone high and dry.....sometimes cried.sometimes faught with her. But the face of my kids stopped me to take things too far ...from where we could not return.
Even today i am ready to live sexless life so that my ears could hear the laughter of my kids. When my kids call me DAD.......its so peacefull. And i forget evrything else. No matter what happens....i wont let my home break just because there is no sex or less sex in my life........continued.
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<p>So the "spell caster" strategy didn't work ?</p><p>Bring out the heavy artillery now buddy.</p><p>Buy her a vast array of sexy lingerie, and many many boxes of scented candles. Take over all domestic chores and lose some weight and get in shape. Dress in debonaire fashion and get a gun hair-do (gun hair-do's are a winner) Pants in the style of M.C.Hammer are another surefire winner.Draw her a bath and massage her feet. Paint a happy face on the knob of your ****.</p><p>These, and other surefire winning ways are all available at member EndTheGames sexual re-ignition site. Shoot him a pm. He'll see you right.</p>And, under NO circumstances see a lawyer in your jurisdiction to see how a divorce would shake out for you, and DON'T figure out an exit plan, NOR knock it into do-able shape - that's defeatist talk. Wipe any such thoughts from your mind.

Not sure how well sarcasm carries if English isn't your first language...thinking that this guy's not fluent.

With a stuck period key.

We enjoyed making love
that was the foreplay leading up, the word's games and touching the trying to talk to the other in order to have sex for the first time and all the other games we use to play with each other sure we knew we were going to do it, but it was the build up the game leading up to the sex act and then cleaning each other up after we got done.