Together We Can. Part 2.

I was looking for pleasure on fine day i read my own profile.i read....member since....i was shocked to see....ten years had passed.and i realised the time i have spent here, could have been used in other way.the effort i put on net to talk to other women....i should have done that in my own home.i knew she Had low sex drive but i was not perfect either.i decided to not put my marriage on stake just for my highsex drive.
I have started changing my self .irealised what is required to get the best out from woman. Sex is just the fruit of tree called marriage.and that tree too have roots.more the roots get deep more the fruit gets tastier.following things acted as water to the tree.
First get realistic that change wont come in day.its process.i kiss her bye when ever i go for work.this makes her feal that i miss her when away from her.when i am at work i give her a call ...just to know how things were at makes her feal that i am connected to takes a min to call....but her happiness can be felt in her words.later when i am back...i hugg her.normaly she is in kitchen.i stand in kitchen for few mins and do casual talk.this realy works. Later i can do what i want to do.when she enyrts the room ...i switch off t.v. Just to make her feal that t.v. Is not imporyant than her.after few mins i again put t.v. On......and surprisingly she dont comolaint about it. After with get the messed clean from room before she returns from kitchen. I try to take her out for small walk or just a round in car.......
In bed......always rememmber....never make her feal like sex object. Its good to sleap with hugg and no sex.sometimes.kiss gently and slowly.and dont touch here and there during kiss. Woman do sex with mind.and we do with body.try to read her mind and mood. I am lucky that my small steps of changing are getting noticed by her.and that means alot to me also. Result is there.....two times in week was the score last month.
Even if that doesnt improve her srx drive....dont will surely improve your marriage. And if marriage is strong....fruit of marriage will surely be tastier.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Good for you both! Just realize that even with your great advise, and it is great advise, that there are many women out there who are missing the "chip" or whatever it is for them to need to be part of a sexual relationship. No amount of the above will do it. Eventually, the GIVER may give up. I am very glad that you didn't and that you are making great progress.

Great...GREAT!!!God bless you...but some ladies out for fun won't like you! Can do 2 times a day !!!!!!!