Missing It.

I miss being touched like a woman. Feeling my skin touched and lips kissed gently. whispers of love, eager eyes seeking mine. I miss feeling like a women in the way only a man can make me. The sex is one thing but just that whole part of myself that is gone now.

I am married and have not had sex in over 5 years. No I don't expect him to change but am working on me and all that involves. Still I miss a full passionate kiss and just being desired by someone I love.
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Be the women he like to touch

Get out and get the love you deserve from someone willing to give it to you unconditionally.

<p>&nbsp;<p>No I didn't. Don't want to get unwanted attention nor send the wrong message that I am looking for a hook up. But to respond to your question about what am I going to do,I don't know. </p><p>My hope is that as I change my perspective will change. The person I am now is here in this marriage and am faithful. I can only change myself and am working on that. The person I become well I don't know what "she" will do. I do think that as people grow they naturally will find things less tolerable and will move forward in ways they can't fully understand before they change.</p><p>I'm not looking for anyone to tell me he won't change as I know that. just really wanted to say hey this is how I feel I miss it and thought others may understand. I do know too that I will miss it for as long as I decide to.</p><p></p>

Looks like this one deleted her account.

"An EP User" is an anonymous post - apparently now allowed by EP - and as such is about as useful as an ash-tray on a motorbike.

Yeah, we figured that out the other day. But this time I'm pretty sure it wasn't anonymous when I initially replied.

No, actually I'm 100% certain she didn't post anonymously to begin with.

Why so you guys feel this way about anonymous posts? I mean my username and yours are all somewhat anonymous, so what does it matter? Are you bothered by not being able to check the others posts by the same person? I am new here, but I gather so is this anonymous post thing, I just don't see why it seems to bother anyone.. I saw a post about herpes the other day, it's a fairly common std but I can understand someone not being comfortable having it associated with their username.

Main issue for me Sol, is that there is no back story for the poster, which can be very important to put their current post into context. See, I could go to your profile and read every story you ever wrote, which would give me appropriate info to 'hopefully' make a fully informed comment for you.
I can NOT look up "An EP Users" back story (if there was / is any) nor can I send them a pm, nor can I friend them. Nor can I see how their journey is developing. It's 'one off' and 'bye'.
That's why I feel that posts by "An EP User" are essentially a waste of time. There can be no observable continuity to their journey.

I get why people want to remain as anonymous as possible. I do to an extent as well. I think when people don't bother to make an account, it's hard to know if they are serious, and most of us don't want to take time in responding if the story is just a fly-by-night kind of thing. But whatever.

Oh, I guess I see that, in this case tho it looks like she commented on the story with her username and explained she didn't want all the cybersex creeps after her for wanting intimacy. I get that too as I've had many approach me. Quite irritating.

Thats why you have a "block" function, and the right to not "friend" idiots, and to "unfriend" people who turn out to be idiots.

And, you can't "block" or "unfriend" "An EP User" either.

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