Last Night Part 2

So I didn't really go into detail about what all really happened last night ..... Quick summary..... Went out with friends that are married.... apparently, this couple likes to cross boundaries while out ....... Which I didn't know before :)........

Husband brought friend that is going thru nasty divorce. Friend tried but i wouldn't give him the time because he is a man ***** right now lol....... as to be expected. for the "rest of the story" I told wife to let me know if my *** was hanging out because I was commando ...... ;D. Husband went wild & crazy lol. That's all he would say to me all night long ..... I told wife to go commando for him one night ;)

All night long he grabbed, pinched, & felt my ***. I told him that he wouldn't find any panties... No matter how many times he felt my ***. His wife seemed to enjoy watching him do this ...... Hummmmmm. I thought ;)

Later the 3 of us discussed how we were all scorpios & how we were freaks in the bed. ;)

The husband walks out to me on the dance floor and starts grinding on me..... Well no biggie .... We had been doing it all night long & with his wife as well. Very intense & enjoyable I might add .... ;D

He was obviously well endowed & he was "excited" lets just say.

He grabbed me by the hips and thrusted himself into my backside. He then let go with one hand & let that hand side up over my body, my breasts, & my face.

Then he did the most erotic thing ever right on the dance floor...... He grabbed the back of my hair & started pulling hard!!! He placed his other hand on my va jaja and thrusted himself into me once again.....

Never missing the beat of the music .... He whispered in my ear how he would love to bend me over right there in the dance floor, f*k my brains out, while he pulled my hair & spanked my ***.

All I can say is ....... OH MY LAWD..... Thank goodness that I didn't have a dress on & that dance floor was packed ..... Because it was very hard to turn that affection & desire off at that point ......
I felt desire & attention that I have been craving over & over for along time.

BTW..... I was invited to stay the night ;) But did not .....

We made plans to go out again to Mardi Gras in February....... ;D

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What a HOT story.

you should have stayed...

that is very very sensible.

i applaud your common sense. stds are prevalent with sexual players.

and there is a risk of being harmed emotionally, mentallly or even physically.

Exactly.... I'm not just going to sleep with anyone :-/

very wise.

do you have a sense of how you are going to proceed with your that you are safe ?

No not really, but I will not do anything with someone that I do not know.

do you think this man might "use you" and then "throw you away" when he is finished ?

I'm married ...... I'm not looking for a long term relationship ........ I have enough problems of my own ........ They're actually friends of mine & I would never cross that line.

It was obvious that they wanted to have a 3 way .... But I'm not crossing that line for 2 reasons.....1 because we are friends & 2 they're married & that can cause issues between them.

You say you have enough problems of your own but when I read this all I can see is "Problems."
Just because they are your friends doesn't mean jealousy and arguments are brewing (even right now!). What happens if they wake up sober this morning and the wife starts thinking her husband went a little too far with you? What happens if he makes the slightest comparison to his wife about the two of you?
Maybe you don't plan on telling your husband or letting it affect your life but that doesn't mean one of them won't end up hurting and decide to rock your world.
Is it worth it?

I spoke with the wife yesterday ...... She's fine with it.

She's actually the one pushing to do it. I let her know that I care for them & there's a fine line that will not be crossed. She said she understood & that she wished I would reconsider.

Saturday night was amazing & we all agreed. We are all consensual adults that went out to have a good time & that's what we did ...... We had a good time.

Very jealous

HAHAHAHA ..... No need to be jealous .... He didn't get anywhere either ;)

I must confess, that after your story detailing the alarming events of January 2nd 2013 where your story and comments indicated that things had deteriorated so far that you seemed in physical harm, it was puzzling in the extreme to see assorted posts since by you in assorted groups making no mention of the dramatic events of January 2nd.

Tread your own path.

Because I've decided to live .......
It's time to move on.... Live my own life & not dwell on things I can not change ....

2013 will be about finding myself.

Why should I continue to dwell on that day? That doesn't fix anything .... If I were to dwell on it .... It would make me go into a dark place that I do not have a desire to go ..... Therefore, I chose to live & be free .....