I Have A Story But Want A Friend First.

Tell me you read this and I'll share with you. I don't want to go into the abyss of my details without knowing someone is going to listen first.
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Trust me, we'll listen!

See ? You've got 8 comments already from 6 different people, and you haven't actually said a thing !!!!!!!

<p>When folks close to us ignore our needs and don't listen, it is easy to believe that no one else will. Take a leap of faith into the curiousity and connectedness of the human experience. I bet your story won't be ignored in ways that it may have been at "home".</p>

Alternatively, you might be onto something with this reverse engineering caper.

Here is a comment for you, you write the story so it fits the comment -

" - in reading your story I am reminded of some of the great works of our time. Brilliant. Bravo" - "

Scared? :) Don't be! People here are very friendly.

I think you have got this the wrong way round!! If YOU want to have your story read, you post it. I will read it IF I want to. But I am certainly NOT going to give you any assurance that I will read it - and WHY would I tell you I want to to read it?? It may be something I don'tr care about in the least . . . .

I suggest you consider why you think it is important to have a "guaranteed audience" before you post! Sounds to me as if you might be suffering from grandiose ideas of your own importance!!

Well said -- enna.

And to the poster -- you hurt, we all hurt, but IMO you have to own your own stuff first. And let's face it - we all own some stuff by the time we get hear, no matter "who started it". so if you would like my thoughts I'd like to hear what you have done to be in this place

Spot on!!

A cursory look around this board will show you Brother den, that if you put a cognisent story together, you will draw thoughtful responses to it.

Tread your own path.