Caught In Act

Finaly it was hard for me to controll my wild gun.she as usual....not in mood. So i just decided to help my washroom. In the middle of my self help pleassure....all of sudden....she opens the door. Wat are you doing.....she questions me....pretending that she is shocked and angry.....Helping my self....any problem.......i replied. Bang....she slams the door. Women are never happy when their hubbies are having fun. Wat else i should have replied?
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10 Responses Jan 21, 2013

You should have held out for the night when you are in bed with her sleeping. Pull down the covers and paint her back while she is sleeping.

You didn't do anything wrong and she deserved the response you gave her by how she was acting. Gotta do what you gotta do!! :)

You're adorable, and your wife should be happy you're pleasuring yourself when she isn't giving u pleasure instead of cheating on her. She doesn't know how good she has it to be honest. <3

"Thinking of you, my love" would have been a bold face lie, but may have softened the anger.

Was there any compulsion to not lock the door from inside?

Main compulsion seems to be to write twang off stories. This is 9th in the series.

While perhaps unfair to say this, I find it is a female thing that if she doesn't want sex then the male should not either.
I end up angry and resentful when I am refused. This is exasperated by my pledge as a sex addict to not have 'sex with self. It gets very, very difficult.

A truly unfair trap you are caught in.

Jeez are you still here ?

As a woman, I could care less if my man is rubbing one out... matter of fact, if I walked in on him I would offer to help him :)

what does she expect you to do if she's not satisfying you?

YOUR wife is apparently not happy for you to have fun.

Other women are.

Your reply is therefore obvious.