Later That Same Day

Random thoughts:

Feeling very down regarding all this nonsense with my wife.

While she denies it and tells me how much she loves me I can't help but feel VERY rejected.

SA meeting tonight which is a good forum for me to discuss and vent.

I have been thinking why do I even care? For the 30 seconds of pleasure is it even worth the effort. She will kiss only enough to touch lips and doesn't want to touch. AH. It is maddening.

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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

There is a story here called "We, or Me ?" that might be well worth you reading.

See, the sub text that I am getting out of your stories is that your missus is playing you like a piano. I'd invite you to examine all aspects of your relationship that nominally require "we" choices. And to objectively assess how many of these instances result in the choice being in "her" interests only.

Tread your own path.