Putting It Out To The Universe

My closest cousin called from Panama yesterday to chat. We talked about 'putting things out to the universe.' I've been putting out an SOS of sorts, also known as, "i need to deal with with my marriage" message.

Even though I already got some sound advice from HL42, I've been in avoidance mode for a few weeks.

I have already admitted the EP community that I strayed at Christmas time. A one-off fling. The only problem is that I engaged in an ongoing "conversation" with somebody else in the New Year. A gorgeous, successful single father. And we planned to have an affair.

BUT yesterday I knew that I couldn't. As did he. So when he sent me a gentle rejection (weighed heavy on his conscience, couldn't get involved while I am married), it was not a surprise.

And it's okay. I have had misgivings, too, about proceeding with an "affair." I even started to write my own, "I can't do this to you" email yesterday. Didn't send it because in the struggle between right and wrong, I was swayed by REALLY wanting to do the "wrong" thing with him.

I know that an affair is nothing more than a distraction, a band aid; it would serve only to allow me to avoid facing the problem and, at the same time, highlight was is wrong in my marriage. And too many people get hurt by it. Things are messy enough. Don't really need more mess.

I am disappointed, but I think that's because I probably would have liked him for more than just mind-blowing sex. :)

I guess what I am trying to say is that it's important to be receptive to the messages of the "universe" (or God, or the goddess, or whatever). Distractions will be there, but one is always led back to where they are supposed to be.

So here I am.

Which is ironic, I don't really want to "be" here. BUT I know that I need to face this. I have no choice but to face it.

I am lacking courage. I committed to writing my husband a letter... I guess that's the first step. And I have an app't with a counselor on Wednesday afternoon.

How does one muster the courage to do this? To move forward?
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How does one get the courage? By just doing it. YOLO, srs.

As for your potential affair, I can see how the guy was feeling uptight about getting involved with you while you are still married. The problem is that sometimes we're so lonely and in so much pain that the positive aspects of the "affair" outweigh the negative ones. The bottom line is that our spouses aren't fulfilling their basic conjugal responsibilities no matter what we say or do and we finally just give in to temptation. We need sexuality, passion and everything that goes with it. It's not like we got up one morning and just decided to have an affair, we're in pain.

You are moving forward, you're getting counseling and writing on EP. You're reaching out and making connections.

Move forward with conviction, but be patient as you do so. Know yourself, your values and core beliefs, and don't compromise them. All the things you want will be yours if you love yourself. YOU have to be your greatest lover!

Agreed. :)

I wish I knew how to muster the courage. I'm a few steps behind you. I was definitely nodding in the "been there, done that" motion when reading how you got really close to an affair and it didn't happen.

Today is Wednesday. I hope the counseling went better than expected.

Counselling was good. I, obviously, don't have a clear direction, but feel like I might be able to get to one.

It was reaffirming to have a third-party acknowledge that my H is passive. He knows that I am "unsettled," but won't ask me about it ("it" being why I am upset about our SM). If I don't have the courage to say anything, then we will be able to avoid this FOREVER.

Okay. Maybe not. I'm too tenacious to continue to accept the status quo.

As for you, HS, you'll get there if you want to. Baby steps.

Your H sounds exactly like my wife, totally passive emotionally. I have to decide how many more years of this I can take.

I hate that you're hurting so bad. I know how it feels to be on the brink of an affair and that clouded mushy hopeful feeling that goes with it. You've been neglected in the worst way, by your spouse, so no judgments here- even if you had gone through with it.
As far as the letter, I agree about being cautious about things you put into writing and only you TRULY know if your husband would use your pain against you if this falls through. And if you DON'T know if he would- well, obviously put a hold on that.
When I wrote my letter, I had already opened the conversation but I feel like I put things out there better in writing. In my case, this was such an embarrassing subject for my husband already that I knew it wasn't about to be made public in any way when I wrote it. If you have any doubts- hold off. But at the same time, if you have doubts that you can even talk to him, then isn't it already over? Ugh. My heart just aches for you. It feels terrible.
I don't have much to offer except support. My inbox is open anytime you need it and I hope you gain strength in any and all decisions you come to.

You are so sweet; your support appreciated. I think I've been hiding the "hurt" for some time now. I am not usually emotional until I read responses here (be it my or someone else's story). I believe it's just the start of the "pain."

I read a book quite a few years ago called, "Care of the Soul," by Thomas Moore. The gist of it? Sometimes one needs to be in a dark place, to surface anew.

We (you, me, others) will be alright, right? The key is to not give up or quit trying to create authenticity, and to make choices as needed, modifying along the way. Otherwise, we stay exactly where we are. Stuck.

Think what I was trying to say is that even though this hurts, I'm willing to feel it, in the hopes of (re)surfacing.

I've been looking for a new motivational book to read lately and that sounds just like something I would enjoy. Definitely going to check that out!
I really agree with that line of thinking and believe if there's anything we can take from all ..*this*.. it should be lesson learned and motivation to move forward positively. :)

Not sure I would write the letter to husband just yet. Talk to counsler first .

Will do.

Hey Pretty Girl:
I don't think "mind-blowing sex" is good enough for you. Am I projecting my own thoughts or do you want to be actually loved by a man? For me, the mind blowing sex follows respect, trust and love for a man. If I feel that for him, I am going to get wild with him...

LOL. I know. It's not good enough. I think this guy and I both realized that there was A LOT more at stake. That's why it won't happen. And I'm okay with that.

I crave an intimate, respectful relationship; I want it desperately. I have the respectful relationship part. Just not the intimacy.

First things first, deal with what's in front of me. One foot in front of the other. Though today I'd rather curl into a ball and avoid everything.

Me too! Fight it girl, fight that feeling! Opps, found myself talking to myself again.
Hey Bazaar, copy me in on that comment. Need to hear the truth.....need the motivation, any kind of motivation even the negative.

I am a wet noodle today; no fight in me. Maybe tomorrow? :)

HL42 wrote a response somewhere on EP that I copied to my computer so that I could think about it. When I'm home later, I will find it and post it here. It's sort of like a beacon, drawing one out from underneath the rock (which is where you will find me, if you're looking). ((insert a sort of chuckle))

Here it is. I am embarrassed that I don't remember where I found it on EP. But it resonates:

"On my deathbed, if there's anything I'll regret, it's not acting sooner. The years when I was not expressing myself and connecting with love and intimacy were barren and wasted. For me, the meaning of "sex" is huge, it's part of who I am and what makes life worthwhile - for me." -- HL42, EP member

I hope to be able to convey this to my husband.

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<p>In the school of motivation there are two main drivers.</p><p>One is the fear of failure, which can be harnessed and converted into an attitude of working diligently to avoid failure.</p><p>One is the desire for success, which can be harnessed and converted into an attitude of working diligently to embrace better - as yet unknown - things.</p><p>But you have to be super diligent in scoping your position.</p><p>Example. You might regard staying married as a successful outcome to work toward. (ie, having a motive of fearing not being able to stay married) If you are in a typical ILIASM shithole, this would likely not actually be a successful outcome at all in the bigger scheme of you living an enhanced life.</p><p>A lot of times ones motivation is a bit of a mix of the two different aspects.</p><p>What do you want ???? What do you TRULY want ????</p><p>And are you fear driven, or success driven ? (Either is good, but you really need to know which motivation is your best fit, because then you can construct your life plan on a basis of truth to yourself.)</p><p>Me ? I was predominantly fear driven during my time in the spin dryer, but as that process unfolded, I made a gradual shift to a success motivation.</p><p>Tread your own path.</p>

Hmm, I come from a position of thinking a divorce means failure, the "easy way out." I swore I wouldn't get married if the outcome would be divorce. But I was younger then, and didn't think that sex was a high priority for a marriage (even though my gut told me I was wrong).

So. I need to explore what I TRULY want. I have an idea. And it's funny, it goes straight to the core of who I am, who I *was.* I feel like I'm on the verge of a (re)awakening. As though I have been pretending to be somebody I'm not, for far too long.

Which feels really deceptive. Though certainly not intentionally. But the possibilities excite me, and scare me, but in a good way, in ways I haven't dared to imagine.

I am beginning to rely on you to be the voice of reason Mr. Bazzar. Thank you. :)

Oh goodness, and by no means do I think *anybody* takes the 'easy way out' with a divorce... just that's how I saw it for many years; that a couple didn't work hard enough to make it work, didn't make sacrifices or compromises needed to make it work.

I realize now that when a person is at the point of a divorce, enough "work" has been done to eliminate any possible hope of a successful marriage.

Nice "save" lol.
Must admit, when I was a fair bit younger, and hadn't thought about the subject too much (ie "at all" !!!) I figured that people getting divorced were bits of weakies who baled out when it got a bit hot in the kitchen.
A few trips around the block showed me different - that people stay in dead deals beyond what is healthy, for them or the other.
THEN of course, came my turn in the spin dryer !!!!!
And I hung in way beyond endurance.

Hi Bazaar: I am in the fear of failure camp.

Know how you feel, AITCO! Woke up this AM thinking "I can't do this." SO scared. Even to explore; to find my "path."

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It depends where/what you feel 'forward' is?
You want to avoid an affair to keep the complications out so that leaves two options. Stay and attempt to fix or leave.

Write the letter, have the talk (possibly again), seek help etc. When you've done all you can then it maybe the moment to call time on a dead marriage and exit.

Exactly. What is "forward?" It's not where I am right now, that's for certain.

And I know that I cannot continue to be miserable, depressed, frustrated, angry, hurt, alone (how can somebody be "alone" in a marriage?) anymore. It's like acid eroding my person-hood; it's becoming destructive.

Tomorrow morning I have quiet time to write the letter. I'll start there.

And thank you, too, "stayandcheat" for your response.