Not Really Exactly Sexless............but...............

    We were Married almost 16 years ago after knowing each other for about six months. I do love my Wife totally, she is THE best thing that has ever happened to me. We met through an online personals site in which I had placed an Ad seeking a nice woman. I remember that I got several really weird replies, some replies from women who clearly were not interested in a relationship, and some that I had no idea about. But just before I was going to cancel the personal is when I got an email from a seemingly average woman. The reply was a bit vague but honest and included the information I had requested. I answered her reply because, well I'm not exactly sure why I gave this one a chance (I really figured that I was going to be disappointed AGAIN by a woman seeking only sex or money). She had a CompuServe address; that's how long ago it was. And I wrote back asking about her she sent back a cautious yet complete reply. We emailed each other a few more times before I asked for her phone number (this was in the days before everyone had a cellphone. We spoke on the phone a few times before deciding to meet. She stopped at my house on her way to visit her Sister. We had decided to meet at a McDonalds near my house because it was a lot easier to have her go there than try to find my house. I remember that I was sitting there that evening drinking coffee and reading the newspaper; I was getting ready to give up on seeing her because she was about 30 minutes late. When a beautiful young woman came into McDonalds. I looked and thought that this couldn't be her because she'd told me that she was very average looking. This woman had poise, obviously well dressed, mannered, even classy. So I returned to reading the paper and she came over to me and asked if my name is Greg. Well, I'll tell you that I just stuttered and couldn't speak too well because, in her letters she'd described herself and from that  I had assumed that she was kind of "dumpy" looking. This woman was gorgeous!!! She even had a nice pair of boobs (my FAVORITE part(s)).
56-60, M
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Sorry all of you eager "beavers" but I hadn't finished it yet. It is very true and I was just giving some background information so that my experience could be put in perspective. Perhaps that's a big trouble here; most seem to expect everything to be delivered, solutions and problems alike, in one neat and self expanding package? Maybe just maybe if we were to slow down and think about things FIRST then our lives might be just a tad easier?