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I Was Once Trapped Like This For 11 Years! Never Again!!!

I am a very straight male that was married to a very prudish and controlling woman that would not wear any lingerie, play, or do anything sexually fun between us once married. Her idea of telling me she wanted to be intimate was to take a bath ALONE in her garden tub that could seat 3 people; shave her legs, and come to bed naked with my tube socks on her feet and a towel wrapped around her head. Being a man give me a naked woman and it worked for a little while, but as the years built and every time I tried to discuss or bring home lingerie to spice up our love life. I was told I am not her ***** and that she was returning the purchased items, and did so. It got to where I could careless to kiss her *** when the stars, sun, moon, planets, and heavens all alined just right for her to bless me with my tube socks and towel. Hell that started me buying my own lingerie and things to see what the draw was to me, and I wore them when by myself. She decided to divorce me though I never cheated for a doctor in a hospital where she worked as an RN. She got breast augmentations cut down 40 pounds in weight for the good doctor while taking me to the cleaners.

So now I have my life back, and I am seeking a lady that has a desire to be intimate at least daily; to share our fetishes and love lives as well as life goals together.

I WIL NEVER be bound to a sexless relationship ever again. I won't cheat on her, but I will damn sure leave her!!!
wjk1849 wjk1849 46-50, M 1 Response Jan 23, 2013

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Salutory lesson here.

As the refused spouse you might not want to divorce, because of (insert your reason here). But you are only one half of the equation and if your spouse strikes pre-emptively, then whether you want a divorce or not matters not a rats arse.

Be prepared.

ILIASM people here don't say "see a lawyer, get an exit plan" just to pass the time.

Tread your own path.