Sexual Aversion Article- Fodder For Thought And Discussion

It has been a while since I posted anything here. Life has been busy, and my situation somewhat static for now.
My wife wrote me a note not long after my first dalliance, and in it she declared that she was not "sexually averse".  Her actions could have fooled me!
I decided to jump on the Web and look up what exactly sexually averse meant, and found this article on it.  I found it to be, at the very least, thought-provoking, and wanted to share it with the group.  I am not saying that I agree with the article, but it did open my mind to new ideas and to new possibilities for the "why".
Not being sure whether I should cut and paste the article I decided to just post the link and let those interested read it for themselves.  I would be interested in people's thoughts on this topic.

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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Wow! He covered a lot of topics in that article. . . hypnosis to vaginismus(?). I have to agree with Petrushka, my eyes started to glaze over and my scrolling mouse started scrolling faster and faster, but I'm always open to information. At the very least, he did have a "solution" to getting over sexual aversion. That's more than I can say for most.

<p>It ain't that hard to find stuff on the net to back up what you think.</p><p>Another article pontificating about spousal intimacy aversion ??? Sure, read it, add it to the other 432 articles that all say the same thing, then go and look for article 433.</p><p>All one is doing is collecting articles - and that won't actually move the problem dynamic forward very much at all.</p><p>What standard of proof is required to prove the fact that your spouse is intimacy averse to you ?</p><p>And, once you know that your spouse IS intimacy averse to you, do you REALLY need to know anything more to make an informed choice ?</p><p>Tread your own path.</p>