Last Night I Told Him

....once again, that I like our physical life together. He had my head in his lap, rubbing my forehead bcs I had a headache. I told him I like being touched by him and touching him. I told him I love the feel of his hands and mouth on me, and I love the way he smells and tastes. I said I love how he feels lying on top of me. And the way he feels in me. And he smiled and agreed that he likes all those things too - but he had a tiring day at work. Maybe we'll do it tomorrow.

Well, I've heard that before. I think he really does love me. And everything I said was true - I do love his body and what he does w it. And if we would do it more often than 6 times a year, I wouldn't be on EP, flirting and showing off my breasts.
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Did you ever have a read of "We, or Me" (see your last ILIASM story)

What'd you make of it ?

Tread your own path.

I like big ****!

If we ever reach a point where it hasn't happened in a whole year, I plan to give him an ultimatum: either we go to counseling together, or I'm gone.

I honestly don't know how you can go a whole year. That sounds miserable, honey. Do something about it before then. Whether it be a straight up, brutally honest- Where in the heck do we stand?!- talk, or counseling or.. anything! But girl, I have no idea how you will go a year!

Is this just a segue into attracting more blokes to whom you can show off your jugs, or are you about to get real about your marriage ?

If it's the latter, you could do worse than search the story "We, or Me" and have a read of it, and a think about it.

Tread your own path.

My man and I have had the same conversation several times a year for 4.5 years now. (Together 11 yrs, living together 9 yrs.)

I came here and yes, started teasing men - as a last resort to prevent myself from doing something wrong IRL.

If I've seemed a bit crazy, look at it this way: if you were on a strict diet for months, sooner or later you'd be ravenous and break down and eat everything in sight.

If you had been getting a little of your favorite foods every day, you'd be more willing to settle for a cookie.

Hey, you've got fantastic boobs so more power to you but I think bazzar's thread reading suggestion is a good one. and much healthier than meaningless flirting! :)

I know you're right. It's just...well,re-read my diet analogy.

Remember to judge by actions not words. We've all been fed the excuses and tomorrow never comes... Literally.

You say you've had "The Talk" before. Did he respond positively last time?

He says he agrees w me and things pick up for a week or two.....then go back to little to no activity.

Maybe I should introduce him to my wife and they can be together cause 6 times a year is the numdber she likes too. So trust me I feel your pain