Another Sexless Marriage

Well I also now belong to the sexless marriage group, for the last few years it has got worse until coming to a complete no part of my life. And no matter what I do and how nice I am it never happens, all I get is the false promise and let down with excuse after excuse, so the only way I see it is going to hspen now is in an affair.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I would invite you to search for the story "We, or Me" and have a read of it, and a think about it.

Tread your own path.

Not true - you can leave.

Its not always true to simply say "you can leave".
Of course you can.....but there are many other constraints. For many, we believe that our children come first and wont consider leaving until they are of adult age.....however bad it gets. Having an affair is not a great path to follow but frankly having been there its completely understandable. Then there's jobs money wider family and even health.......I'm sure there are many other constraints which prevent people from leaving marriages too.

In your reading, did you find "You Pay Now - The Kids Can Pay Later" ?? That one is well worth a read to see the "fors" and "againsts" debated out.

Did you read "Outsourcing Your Needs" ?? It looks at this option in great detail.

And, you are right that all sorts of things mean that most people do NOT leave their dysfunctional marriages. They continue on in quiet desparation until such time as they are prepared to challenge their thinking. For many, that "time to challenge their thinking" never comes.