Trying Not To Lose Faith...

I still feel like something big (and good) is coming my way. But I've had some minor panic attacks of sorts. Again and again, I keep thinking "how am I gonna get outta here?!!!"

I keep feeling like I'm going to get some sort of windfall that will help boost my kid and me out of this existence and into an independent one. Then I panic again and think, no, that's wishful thinking.

Whatever happens, I know that an easy life and financial independence are not going to fall into my lap. My own hard work will be involved. I know there is a way out. I just have to find it.

Not soon enough.

Pray like mad, y'all!
sterlingrose sterlingrose
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5 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I am looking for some like you,. How go about.

Today I posted my desire for live in relationship without sex. Have enough though not more above wants. May consider after few personal meetings

Don't look here, bud. Go elsewhere.

Yup, the money in your lap thing aint gonna happen, and guess what neither is prayin'!

Live and let live.

I'm not sure if you are looking to get into the workforce after time away (i.e., childrearing) or looking for a way out of debts or other. If it's getting into the workforce after time away, many places/cities/etc have extra help for those re-entering the workforce. Especially fi you are a single parent and/or low income. I am currently on a career training program, for example.

You can also inquire at employment centres etc, for everything from resume writing skills, to career choices, to jobs in your area.

No, noone is going to drop money in your lap. Trust me, that was my plan too and it just doesn't happen, LOL.

I'm taking classes now. I should be okay, eventually.

I'll simply hope that your God leads you to a lawyer.

After that, it'll come back on you to make informed choices.

Tread your own path.

It's tax time, so all the financial things he has in his name--retirement accounts, stocks, his own savings accounts, earnings from his ebay business--there the were. In a pile on top of his desk. Sooooh....I photocopied the whole lot and chucked them into a folder. Now I have all of his financial info in one place to take to the lawyer when I go. Boo-yah!