Astonishing Realization!!!

I have been reading stories for a couple of weeks in this group. I can safely say regardless of color, creed, affiliation, gender, size, intellectual stature or education, I find myself identifying on some level with everyone that post a story or comments on a post in this group, and I don't think I can say that about any other group I have ever been around three dimensionally or virtually.
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Always a good idea to read extensively in a group before posting.

You put a story up in early January I see (looks like it was just to 'test the water'), has your reading since helped with what was bothering you back then ?

Tread your own path.

I have enjoyed all of the reading afforded on this site. I have benefited from all the comments in this group. My point in this post is my struggles are shared with so many others. I don't know if I can put a finger on exactly what my reaction is to my situation but this site has allowed me to get more in touch with people that are able to put into words what I am experiencing.

I have a great friend I live with and she is a great person. I am only recently realizing it is not healthy to have a roommate at this stage in life. We are both outgoing and fun. We have lotsa friends and enjoy lots about our lives. But SM is present and I know all say it is a symptom not the source and I agree. This is site is source for me to learn and vent my emotions.

Thanks to yo Baz for your interest and well chosen words.

I found this group by google search engine when I had just been considering leaving my SM (before we began to work on things). I remember the same astonishing realization and also the SHOCKING realization. I thought I would feel alone in this forever. Couldn't imagine so many people were going through the same. It was an amazing feeling, though, to suddenly not feel so alone in this.
Totally get what you're saying!

You hear of men in this situation but I NEVER realized how many WOMEN are as well! I felt totally alone and ostracized as a woman in a SM until I found EP.

Here I found the words that would deeply express the anguish I have lived with for 30 years and my H finally heard me after a zillion "TALKS".

We have been reconnecting sexually for 3 months now..nearly and the marriage which was on track in every area but sex is now FULL STEAM AHEAD!

How are things going in yours lohla? How long have you been working on it?