It Is Great.. Wish I Had Done It Sooner… UPDATED..

WOW what a GREAT weekend.. I DID IT. I moved out and have now spend a full weekend away, but NOT alone.. It has been GREAT. You really find out who and how many friends you have when you need them. I told VERY few people I was doing this because I am a very private person and I did not want other people judging me or feeling sorry for me. A few did fine out and that has led to a great weekend. I have some wonderful friends and I love them dearly. They have planned out my next few weeks so I will not get bored. Keep our true friends close because there is nothing like them in life.. I will say I lost one friend and one family member over this so far.. His brother and wife but you know what when they have been married as long as we were then they can talk to me about my problems but they are still newlyweds so I did not count on them to understand..
To everyone out there thinking about taking this path remember the only thing worse than being unhappy for one year is to be unhappy for one year and a day.. I was way past my one year but it is now over and the relief it wonderful!!!! I have satisfied my need to move on and fine a happier life.. I am happier I have not found my new love or sex YET but I know I will. It’ almost woverwhelming the amount of choices I now have..
I know this is my path to find happiness and I feel I am truly on it. I feel happier already. I feel that I have lost a heavy burden just by moving out. Yes I have the pain from the physical labor of the moving everything but my heart and eyes are open to what the world holds for me in my future. I hope that anyone living in our situation find the freedom that I have found in just moving on. It spent 25 years in my marriage the last 10 unhappy unloved and without sex. So, the next 25+ I will be happy, loved and with a whole lot of sex. I am smarter this time knowing what happened last time. I could never go through that again. I know that my next partner should not have to prove to me what my last partner did not but I know that I will make him just because I will never go through life like I have in the past.
Best of luck to all of you that are still living in this type of life and so far the grass is greener on the outside..
My one hope for everyone here living in a unhappy marriage it that one day soon you will enjoy a HAPPY life also, either with your current partner or with someone else. Life IS to SHORT to be unhappy.. there is a wonderful life waiting for everyone.
I will post more as the days go on because I’m sure this is not over where my H is concerned.
Looking for love and I will find it.. I want it ALL this time.

Well I spoke to soon.. I said he had nothing to say when I left.. Well today I had to go back to get something my daughter needed at college. I went by at lunch time and of course he was at home. (like where else would he be).  When I walked in he started in on me it led to a screaming match. I tried not to engage him all I said was “whatever” and that set him off.  I was told I was a B*tch and everything else on his mind. That was okay. I got what my daughter needed and walked right out of the house. I need to go back and get a few other things but next time I will make sure he is not at home. Life is Still GOOD and its even better knowing I don’t have to face him daily.  Loving Life without Him…. :) 
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One life to live - live it with passion, love and intimacy. Be well.

Thank you.. that is my plan..

Well done you!! I've been out for eight months now and it just gets better and better! You've got loads to look forward to. You certainly won't ever wish you were back in zombie land, lol xxx

You are correct... Love it..

Your attitude is incredible. You see that your happiness is what is to be gained rather than what has been lost. I basically the same amount of time spent in my marriage 23 years 8 or so sexless. Thanks for your encouragement.

You're very brave and I'm glad you found a way out. I think your update just reaffirms that you made the right choice. Best luck to you in the future. I hope to be out soon as well!

It is great... there is a world out there and it has beautiful colors...

I've been here for a few days short of 4 years.

I am yet to see a post (from someone who got out of their shithole marriage) saying - "Boy I made a big mistake there, and wish I was back in the shithole"

Tread your own path.

Thank you.. I have not seen one either but I guess I had not even thought about it until you said it. I feel so relieved!!! People tell me my bad days are coming but I will say I have had more good days since I did move than I have had in years, So I guess I can handle a few more bad days if they come.. thank you for your comment.

Good for you! Congratulations for having the courage, and self-love to do this.

Sounds like you have got it together and moved on. Well done. I am sure you will still have off days but at least you have made the final step. I hope you soon find your happiness

People cannot be classified as good or bad or judged without applying certain norms and logic. We as humans are not in a position to judge others as all the humans are not perfect. Expectations make us want something according to what we think is right or wrong.

I absolutely LOVE this concept mvc. I've been applying it to my life in a number of ways since I first heard it from you. It is a great and simple way to evaluate the contribution others make to my life.

I am so happy for you! I just made the same move, but the happiness part has yet to follow. Reading this just gave me some hope!

I hope you find much happiness!!!!

Thank you..

FANTASTIC!! Your enthusiasm and confidence are jumping off the page! It is wonderful to see you feeling so positive and negotiating your way forward with such a great outlook!

You will get down times, but come here for support when you do. And know that your happiness in the future is dear to us all. {{{hugs}}}

Thank you enna... It has been a life changing event..