Well now that i have had someone else confirm what i have been trying to ignore. I'm at a loss for words. I don't know how i could live without her. it makes me feel terrible. Maybe i'm just too emotional.God has done so many other wonderful things in my life over the past few months. He has even healed me of an ailment that i have have had for most of my life. faster than you can blink an eye.
God has helped me keep my home and even gotten me a vehicle to drive when my jeep broke down. But i feel like i have failed him in teaching my wife what it takes to have a successful marriage.
i feel like its all crashing down around me. With no one to turn to except God.
I pray the rapture come really soon. i'm not sure how much longer i can take this pain.
I'm afraid that i'll do something insanely stupid.
God Forgive me
Tearfulhusband Tearfulhusband
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Bazzar is right. Marriages will end one way or another. In my opinion, by the sounds of your post, you seem extremely depressed. I would urge you to make an appointment with a therapist (preferably a psychiatrist-they can prescribe antidepressants for a short while if need be....if not then a licensed therapist will do & see you primary Dr for possible antidepressants). You need someone to talk to (therapist) who will help you see clearly the problems in your life. If you have a church then talk to your pastor, if you don't have a church then find one....you need the strength of your faith right now. Take a reflective look @ who you are and what you enjoy.....start those hobbies/interests up again. Lean on trusted friends.
You will need the above tools (and more) to mourn the loss of your marriage. As for "teaching her what a successful marriage is"--You can not lead where your spouse won't follow. That decision is hers alone & she will have to own that. Your decision is to heal yourself in the most healthy way possible. Remember, God never gives us more than we can handle....Take care & God Bless :)

I hear your plea here - "I don't know how i could live without her" and I am sure it resonates with all sorts of people concerning their spouses.

Fact is, that all marriages end. Either by mutual agreement, by the pro-active choice of one of the spouses, or mortality.

To be unaware of that fact, and to not take it under consideration (irrespective of the status of the relationship) is to be wilfully uninformed. It is imperative, in any marriage, that you DO know "how to live without her / him". Life turns on a dime.

Tread your own path.