I was doing the dishes when I overhead this on the TV show my wife was watching about men and housework:

"Married men who cook and clean have less sex than their counterparts who focus on more traditionally masculine tasks, like yard work and paying bills, according to new research."

I will study this more when I have finished my sewing.
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I am far too busy to read this, as my embroidering work is still to be done too, like you S2TA. Then I have to vacuum, and do the windows, and cook the pheasant under glass for tea.

After that it's dishes, stove, tidy. I shall be too exhausted to have a root later.

Tread your own path.

Check out Maryryan's story - it tells the whole thing.

Love this! Thanks for the funny at the end. :)

Coulda saved themselves the time and money on research and just read through EP and came to the same conclusions.
Next week they will release study results that reveal candles and lotions don't get Refusers in the mood! Why.. ya don't say!

"I will study this more when I have finished my sewing."

LMAO. I love that most of us have this awesome sense of humour.