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After So Much Struggle

It was suggested to me elsewhere that my story may help people here and so I chose to copy paste it. I hope it helps or brings clarity to some of you...

After 3 years of self reflection it boils down to a few things.
Ask yourself seriously...
Do you feel good about being with your partner ?

Do you want to be near them?

Are there fundamental undermining problems which actually destroy(destroyed) the relationship and your self worth dignity? Can you forgive these? Can you live with these hits?

Will you as a person feel better being free of all the drama in your relationship?

Have you ever realized you are being manipulated or abused or micro manged by your spouse to keep you controlled.? Look up emotional abuse and narcissistic personalities.

Are you sick of being told how stupid you are?
Are you sick of being told your dreams are wrong?
you are not capable.

Did you seek the comfort outside your marriage of a woman or man?

It is time to think seriously of your life. Are you better than all this and do you deserve more than it?

Nothing will get better while we write about it.
Nothing will change if we just rationalise it away.
A lover will not take away your issue.

Do you want a chance at a real vibrant partner in your life who loves you will die for you and cant wait to touch you....add support respect trust?

Yes yes I hear you say the kids..the house ..well its all bs. You are just afraid to take control of your life and keep making excuses but take your time because it does take time to understand the real truth. The truth is a ***** that you dont love yourself enough once you know to allow the chance for a better life.

If you dont love them anymore and you dont respect them then respect yourself get counseling join support groups to get to where you know you will be free of those shackles. No I am not refering to the shackles of a marriage but the shackles of a loveless one sided draining soul destroying marriage.
The love of your life could be getting it on with someone else while you wallow in self pity.
If you stay you deserve the pain. If you go it will be scary but a happy single parent home with less money is way better than allowing this poor example to be shown to your kids.
They will grow older you will be older and viagra wont even help you so do it while you are still able to enjoy some years of your life.
Think about it. Who gives a rats arse who you hurt from here on in. If they took care of you you would not be here . So have some concrete and do whats right for you

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I am also in a draining, loveless marriage! I want out so badly but have 2 beautiful daughters at crucial points in their education. I feel so trapped and desperately unhappy, playing happy families is exhausting to say the least. I am at the stage now that the sight of my husband actually repulses me. His controlling, bullish behaviour towards myself and my girls is as with so many men only seen by us! He is sweetness and light to all friends and everyone thinks he is wonderful. I so wish I could expose him for the fake fraud that he is. If only people knew what a useless father and husband he is. Only paying any attention to myself or the girls in company! Any other time he can't be bothered. Grrrrrrrrrr! Fell so angry with myself for not having the guts to just go, I know for sure if he wanted out there wouldn't be a second thought for any of us!

wow thats a story...I was married 10yrs..most of which I took that long to get out.....I love him as a person and always will, but he was a cheater...I always wanted what was best for my I stayed. Hard to believe my divorce has been final a year now...I still have'nt dated or moved forward in that way but as a single mom I have accomplished more in the last yr than in most of my life...I turned 40 last month...I am a proud mother of one, just purchased a home of my own, have a great job, and I'm back in school working towards a masters ...I am blessed....I won't lie....there have been many hard days...and I am a true believer..try everything first...but if it doesnt' work...let go...let God be God in your life and move forward......I hate being alone at times but in time I'm sure I will move forward in that area too....I wish you the best...stay strong...

You've done a great job Sister Faith.

Though, according to one school of thought, such as "MinW" who's writings you can see below, you obviously "gave up too early" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the good job...and to each his own I guess as for the the writing below.....but it takes 2 to make a marriage can't be forced...and sometimes a bad marriage does more harm to a kid then being son seems to be better now that things are stable then before....don't let them get to you.... divorce is a real part of life... some come quick and others take along time...either way...its life changing and no one should judge so quickly...

Very proud of you!! I know it was hard. Well done!

thank you

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People give up to easy
Marriage is not a piece of cake
If it was then there would be zero divorce rate
I'm saying most people today are self centered and selfish which is contrary to what marriage, sacrifice, require.
Today I can say most people are weak vs people prior to current married folks throwing in the towel because DIVORCE WAS NOT AN OPTION YEARS AGO !!!
And yes I'm married
Today there's a lot of weak people who QUIT BECAUSE Marriage is Tough !
Most people QUIT
IF Yes then go back to the beginning and start over

Would you throw out a kid making a mistake No

Then don't treat your mate like trash and divorce. Fix YOURSELF !!!!

Challenge for you Min. Go back through the last 100 stories on here, and find me one where the poster gave up too quickly. Find me just one such example. Just one.
I look forward to seeing you back here with this example - or an apology for your grossly insensitive remark.

Divorce is severe
Trying is hard

Well Min, you either read at extraordinary speed to have covered 100 stories in a matter of 5 minutes (and failed to find a "giver uperer") or you haven't gone back through those 100 stories at all, and don't intend to. I also figure that you are not the apologising kind.
So do me a favour - and **** off.

To bad you can't take it !

Go quit and cry and divorce 10 times
You'll still not have a perfect mate

You can't handle it period !

Well spoken bazzar.
I like your style! lol

MinW actually is living in a sexless marriage and has no idea how to turn it around. Check out his story "I Enjoy Meaningful Conversations / Featured / Would Appreciate Your Thoughts !" You'd never guess it is the same MinW ranting here!

Baz, that's 2 ***** in one hour, you're on fire LOL

I think viewpoints like MinW's serve a purpose. An extremely polarized position with no inclination to engage in dialogue or recognize real life issues such as marital abuse, (be it from refusing intimacy, emotional or physical violence and mental anguish, etc.) just emphasizes how life affirming and nurturing the alternatives are.

Min, Not only do I find it hard to believe that you know what Everyone is doing, how everyone feels, or what Is placed on the heart of each person, I find it hard to believe that you would be able to accurately diagnose a true marital problem (let alone find a solution) in 70+ years. 'Staying' for the sake of not having to say 'I didn't Quit", doesn't make you a winner, it's makes u a liar. Because pretending to be in a mutually loving marriage can only be true if it is. Geography (staying there)has nothing to do with it.

Maybe. But I've been married for 26 years, the last 4 I have tried very hard to bring back some semblance of a relationship with my wife. I agree with you that people head for the exits far too quickly. However marriage should not be a life of servitude. There should be joy, caring, love, understanding... Pep talks are great but sometimes the fire is just completely gone. I have not left yet, I never thought I would or could. Now I'm wondering if the wrong thing can sometimes be the right thing. Very hard call.

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Oh wow, thank you for sharing this. So many similarities.......I might have co-dependent issues too. Need to learn more on that.
And my age scares me too. And, I'm not even sure what I want, or would do - anymore. Like to some degree, have lost myself.
Thank you again for your post.

I did not invent divorce

But today it's real easy to Quit
Another thing I am not advocating
You are !

Min you have absolutely no concept of my or anyone else's married life/relationship.
It is very simple for you to sit in your easy chair and pass judgement. Come spend 30 years with my ego driven, mentally and verbally abusive spouse. Then I'll listen to what you have to say.

What caused Your marriage to crash

It wasn't me

Most people give up And divorce
That's a fact
The week solution is to quit

In business do you get reviewed and paid to solve problems ?
In marriage people quit and don't fix broken partners just throw each other away

Marital problems can only be solved when both parties are willing to participate. When only one party comes to the table an acceptable solution can not happen. Period.

I did not insinuate that you caused my marital difficulities.

This issue is obviously touching a major button in your life. Perhaps, you should do some soul searching and discover the reason for your over reaction to the people here.

Your insensitivity and harsh words are indicative of a bully.
That being recoginzed, I won't dignify any more of your posts with a response.

You are a blessing for me right now. Thank you. I feel like I am finally getting my "feet under me" and can approach this with sanity. Your posts and experiences have been that life line for me. Thank you.

As to Min.......I must apologize for responding and dragging the conversation on. At the moment I seemed to feel the need to respond back.......I think I'm mostly over that now. That 'holier than thou" attitude pushed a button for me, is all. But I still apologize to you.

I agree that shallow replies and parroting are not productive. Delete them if you wish, especially if they interfer with healing discussions occuring. Sometimes that type of stupidity needs to be confronted.........not as starting an agrument.......but many of us can sometimes benifit by reading those viewpoints.
So in your threads you are the KING!!!! Do as you will and I will follow!

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I realized that already, now have to 'just' act on it and see how it goes from there. Thanks for this, I think lots of people can use this advice. Hope you found what you have been looking for, or will find in the future :-)

So true and very well spoken, about life being a storybook. Feel the very same about my bf. Need to have a last try on talking to him, hope he realizes that it's his last chance and if he doesn't grab it with both his hands, well I will know my answer.

Very insiteful, thx and sorry, i was not familiar with your story😊

R u writing this from personal experience? If so, how long was your relationship? Do u have children? Only asking this because they seen to be huge factors to me and others in this same situation.

So full of positive affirmations. My therapyst tells me I need to put them on post it notes and stick them everywhere around my house -especially on mirrors that I use. You're an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story :)

You said it well. I want to move on but am afraid to leave because I don't have a well-paying job. There is NO way I could afford to live on my own with our 12 year old daughter. I used to think I was staying in this marriage for her -I didn't want to tear apart "her" family, but as time fades away, I'm starting to wonder if I'm causing more harm than good. We can never seem to be together as a family without her dad & I arguing over something. I rented movies for all of us last night, thinking we would have a family movie night... What was I thinking? Arguments occurred...she cried... crying how she wishes we could be like a normal family who can have family fun time together. She screamed out she wanted to heart is breaking for her. Is it time to leave this 16 year, sexless marriage to a man who I'm resenting and not even wanting to be friends with? How do I leave on a very little salary with nothing earned during the summer months?

Thanks for the quick response. I do have a 4 year degree, but decided being a teacher isn't what I want to do anymore. I've been a substitute so I could have flexible hours for my daughter-so she wouldn't have to be in anyone else's care. I guess I have to do some soul searching -think about what I want to do with my life -career opts... One of the weird things I think about when I think of leaving, is how lonely I'll be. I'm already lonely! Our minds can really do a number on us! There's this part of me that doesn't want to be without him, but on the other hand, I'm miserable with him. He is a good guy and a great father to our daughter, but we are just so far apart, I can't imagine a lifetime with him anymore. It's time for the soul searching to begin...

2blu, for yourself, don't wait on connecting with other people. Start now to develop connections with like-minded people, by identiying and doing those those things that you like or want to do. This will help chisel away at the loneliness in your life, now and in the future. True, it won't necessarily be the intimate connection you've always wanted from your spouse, but having normal relationships with others will help when you need people to turn to during tough times. For me, being a member of a flying club, a church choir member and an outdoorsman has gotten me in contact with like-minded people whom I now count among my friends. It has helped a lot with the emptiness at home.

Regarding your daughter. I have a daughter and have wondered the same things. Recently, I saw she had a Facebook page open on her computer, where she was describing to her friend that she thought she was asexual. This ripped my heart out, as my wife is also asexual. Perhaps if I had gotten out, with full custody, my daughter may have turned out different. Now it looks like she will just be like her mother. I didn't see this coming and am still reeling from it. As Lookseen says, you need to take things at your own pace and mine is incredibly slow. As a result, things like this will happen. I wish it were different, but I am who I am and this is the life I live.

I hated my marriage and am glad I got free and am now with my soul mate :) that was awesome writing

talk about...
down to the
bottom line...
yep you hit it...
clearly and concisley...
thanks, well written,
joyinthejourney, clg for thought....good posting, thanks for sharing it...

Excellent points to look at.

good realistic one


Holly ****! Do you know me? LOL! I felt like you had video taped my life! Thanks for sharing! It gave me something to think about!


It is so hard to accept that the person I was with, would require me to be married 'for the both of us'- I couldn't love enough so that we were both content. It was a dark day, when it all started becoming very clear. Within days I was nose to nose with 15 years, three small children (and all that goes with that) and the realization that I just simply couldn't love enough for two of us.

I hear ya girl! I got 3 too and I feel like im living with the anti-christ! I've fought for years to get through to my partner and one day I just realized I never would! And now I don't know what to do! All my friends and family think Im a spineless whimp for not leaving. For some reason I just can't make the leap! Maybe I'm just lazy! The scarriest thing for me is not my own happieness, it is the realization that i may pass down this misery to my children! Thanks for reading!

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What a great thread. For me it comes down to this: LIFE IS SHORT. This is it, people. This is your life. The only one you're getting. Every day you waste banging your head into a wall trying to change someone or something that's *not in your control* is a day you miss out on better possibilities.

Is it scary to leave a bad marriage? Of course, it's terrifying. Is it painful? Of course, it's like chewing your own arm off without anesthesia. Is it complicated? Of course, it requires careful planning and decision making. BUT...and this is really all that matters...on the other side of the pain, confusion, doubt, sacrifice you have POSSIBILITY. You have the very high likelihood of being happier.

I am.

this is a real story of life

fantastic story


I can identify with many of these problems and behaviours as I am currently going through my own marriage troubles. The worst thing for me is the fact I am still in love with my wife and the hurt I feel is from the realisation that my wife does actually enjoy all the aspects of being in a relationship, I just don't think she enjoys them with me anymore.
So I think it's time to realise that I need to build a life for me now, concentrate on myself before I get lost in the puddle of resentment and hurt. You can love someone as much as you could possibly love anyone but you cannot make them love you back. Enjoyed reading your story, lots of useful information and vast experiences :)

Good one - you cannot make them love you back. Too right!

Lookseen, I like the way you think!!

We can form a mutual admiration society!!

You are absolutely right. I left mine. Thirty long years. Many tears. But I tried everything. So happy to move on. Have you left yours? Cause it is usually the ones who are free who use words like you do. The others make the typical excuses. Not judging them. But they are foolish and time can never be regained. Thank you for your words. Maybe some will actually hear them.

Refusers make me angry.

We won't like you when you're angry...;p

You should read my divorce story. I bet when it's all over, you will be writing the same thing I did. I lived your story. The hard way you write about it is inspiring.

I heard through so many people " the kids" I'm divorced with children and I have fine to this conclusion if mommy isn't happy then how happy are my children? My ex and I get along actually better then when we were married and we try to keep peace for the kids sake. I left because I refuse to teach my daughter that its OK for a man to belittle her and I refuse my son to grow up thinking its OK to belittle a woman.

Why do people in relationships start out with such intensity but never maintain it, or rather expect each other to be head over heals for each other for not continuing the zeal in the beginning ?

Drugs ?
Money ?
Age ?
Excessive Working !
Low Testosterone ?
High Estrogen in Foods ?
Hormones ?
Selfishness ?
Anger and Resentment after Marriage Why Love Someone who Is Mean and Nasty !
Hollywood Myths About Marriage ?
Starting Out Having a Great Courtship, then Come to a Crashing Halt to Bickering and Fighting !
Hormones in Foods and Chemicals to Kill Sexual Desire ?

And more all play into troubled relationships

Divorce is Easy ! Quiting on someone is even easier ! Solving this issue is hard yet you won't even consider it like so many other QUITERS !!!!

What if You had an accident and couldn't have sex anymore would You expect your mate to immediately divorce you because you suddenly became defective ?

@ MinW
Tell me more about this divorce being "easy".
I certainly didn't find it so, and to be frank, I've not seen anyone else in this group make this claim either.

@MinW, unless you have been there, you really can't know why a person who is dying slowly might be open to choosing some other path for their one and only life. You would do well to avoid trivializing real pain as merely some attack on marriage in general.

Well said, simplygirl!

Thanks enna30. Been here. Those who haven't can't really fathom. Shouldn't even try.

Nice retort, sounds to me like you have given this considerable thought. Been there, not a happy place doesn't do anyone justice to delay the inevitable. Good luck going forward, keep using your "grey-matter"!!!

It's Easy to Give Up
It's Easy to Quit
We Live in a Instant Gratification Society

60 % divorce rate everyone should be real proud how close we've come soon the divorce rate will be 100 %

Did you know that the odds of divorcing after a divorce are higher than 60 %,
People Really Could Careless About Fixing the DIVORCE SPIKING UPWARDS

With attitudes like yours easy come, easy go, the rate of divorce will reach 100 %
I'm saying there are a lot of factors helping divorce spike so high but marriage isn't easy what did you expect when you said I. Do ?

It's just sad there are so many quitters in the USA, than people with a backbone.

MinW, I suggest that you read other posts on this topic. You may notice that very many people here are quite reluctant to leave a sexless marriage and are craving the answers that will help to turn things around. So many really want things to work, but have tried everything they can think of and still haven't found the answer. As Lookseen said, you cannot make them love you back. I believe we are the ones who want to make things work, but our spouses have no interest in doing so. Your comments seem more appropriate for our spouses and not for us. Our spouses that have unilaterally decided that marriage no longer has anything to do with sex - take it or leave it. If the love is dead and gone, what does that say about us, the refused? If we are hopelessly clinging onto the fractured image of a marriage, hoping for better, but not knowing what to do, we frankly all need some analysis! Or some good answers.

Complaining about the divorce rate is just venting and really serves no practical purpose. Write us a few paragraphs on how to make our spouses love us again - I will personally rate you up on that! I have the same feelings about those who condemn abortion and tell everyone how bad it is, but never give an ounce of thought to the woman's situation. All that the condemners accomplish is to make someone feel worse. The groups that I support PROVIDE ALTERNATIVES AND PRACTICAL ADVICE.

I encourage you to do the same.

People give up to easy
Marriage is not a piece of cake
If it was then there would be zero divorce rate
I'm saying most people today are self centered and selfish which is contrary to what marriage, sacrifice, require.
Today I can say most people are weak vs people prior to current married folks throwing in the towel because DIVORCE WAS NOT AN OPTION YEARS AGO !!!
And yes I'm married
Today there's a lot of weak people who QUIT BECAUSE Marriage is Tough !
Most people QUIT
IF Yes then go back to the beginning and start over

Would you throw out a kid making a mistake No

Then don't treat your mate like trash and divorce. Fix YOURSELF !!!!

I'm not divorced

3 years and quiting ?
That's why people can't stand for anything when the going gets tough
No one is tough so quit

Did past generations quit ???
Not as much as a now
Because this new generations can't take the heat do you quit !!!!

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Excellent post and just what I needed to hear.