I Do Too.

The last time we had sex was Jan.1,2013.
BigRhon BigRhon
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HAHA...I can;t eve remember the last time I had sex with my husband, it was OVER a year ago....I wish I was you right now

married sex was Sept.2009...
non-married Jan. 28,2013 :)

Feb. 25, 2012

April 2012 (with my husband) I remember because I got pregnant. It had been at least a year before that.

omg, that's wrong - it was 2011. My baby is not being born in Feb, he is turning 1.

Feb 2001

Autumn of 2008. No recollection of month, date, time or phase of moon.

june 2006 :(

Must've been a highly memorable root.

That my dear is a flipping well spring in comparison.....not only can I not remember the day or the month, but the year is pretty foggy too.......08 -09 ....maybe....