I Do Too.

The last time we had sex was Jan.1,2013.
BigRhon BigRhon
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HAHA...I can;t eve remember the last time I had sex with my husband, it was OVER a year ago....I wish I was you right now

married sex was Sept.2009...
non-married Jan. 28,2013 :)

Feb. 25, 2012

April 2012 (with my husband) I remember because I got pregnant. It had been at least a year before that.

omg, that's wrong - it was 2011. My baby is not being born in Feb, he is turning 1.

Really? That's not bad... been at least 6 months

Feb 2001

Autumn of 2008. No recollection of month, date, time or phase of moon.

june 2006 :(

Must've been a highly memorable root.

That my dear is a flipping well spring in comparison.....not only can I not remember the day or the month, but the year is pretty foggy too.......08 -09 ....maybe....