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Our family had to go to Kissimmee last weekend because my daughter had state cheer competitions. We packed Wednesday night so we could get up Thursday morning take showers & leave.

I noticed that my husband awaken earlier than I thought he would have & started stirring around the house making a lot of noise. I finally got up & I heard him talking to the girls. So I got into the shower.

When I was finished, I put lotion on, & then walked into the kitchen. I thought something seemed really strange .... It was super quiet .....

I walked into my daughters rooms & asked if they knew were their dad had gone. They said oh he left for Orlando ... I'm like really?!?!? Ok....

Then the girls & I finding packing my vehicle & we take off. We do not hear from him all day long. Finally around 5 his texts one of my daughters asking what time the competition is... She responded & then he texted back saying that he was going to stay with his parents this weekend & that he didn't want to be with me .... He didn't want to fight ... OK. I thought!

Needless to say it was his bday on Friday & we all met to have dinner ... He tried his hardest to fight with me ... But what he didn't realize was that I had already had 4 red solo cups filled to the rim with orange juice & Malibu coconut rum!!!! I was feeling no pain!!! lol!!!

He continued until finally I asked him for a divorce once again....but this time in front of his whole family ....... He said a few choice words. & his Mother & Father assured him that he would be fine because they would help him!!! I didn't care what I said... After all, I had liquid courage in me lol!!!! I said well since he would sign the papers 3 years ago... Make sure he signs them now!!!

The next day he shows up at my parents house & proceeds to tell them how much he has tried to make it work but I refuse to stay. (It's funny how he was trying to play the victim). I then proceed to say a few choice words & told him to get the f out!!

But before he left he FINALLY agreed that he would sign the divorce papers!!!! I went out saturday night to celebrate!!!! lots of dancing & grindig going in ;)!!!!

Thank goodness!!!! Freedom is on the horizon!!!! ❤

southernbelle93126 southernbelle93126 36-40, F 3 Responses Feb 7, 2013

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Wow, that must have been pretty intense even with the drinks! You really got the point across loud and clear! Good for you. Time to start living and enjoying again! Peace!

Intense & awkward :-/. But unfortunately liquid courage tends to cause malfunctions with the filter in my mouth ;).

Gotta love those red solo cups !!

LOL! Yeah, alcohol helps the truth come out! ;-)

HAHAHAHA ..... Oh ya!!!! Love them!!!!

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It must be quite a relief to have this out in the open and moving forward after the adventures you've been through over the past months.

Tread your own path.

Yes... It is... But I will believe it when he finally signs the papers & gets out ;)

Freedom is certainly the sorry your family is having to go through all the drama. How do your girls feel about the divorce? I assume it is not a secret based on your story.

Why did your in laws feel the need to assure your STBX they would help him. Is he not stable? Whatever, sounds like this is a long time coming. You seem to be a beautiful person with a lot of personality and thirst for a vibrant life. I know you will embrace the next page in life with enthusiasm. I enjoy hearing about your many adventures and look forward to more to come.

The girls are upset, but eventually in time i believe they will realize that this was the best move for all if us. This is nowhere a healthy marriage. My main concern is the fact that they do not grow up & think that its ok for a man to treat a lady like this. I want them to be strong & walk away if they ever need too.

His parents have always spoiled him rotten.... Whenever he needs anything he calls them & they're always there to help out.

That has always been a problem for me.... I learned from a very young age you stand on your own 2 feet. Don't ever allow others to bail you out or it will become a habit.

He thinks because sometimes we do not have a certain amount of $ in the bank that we are broke so he calls them & they send him $. I hate that!!! I have told him over & over that we will just work harder. But he doesn't believe in hard work. Again because he has always been handed things.