How Things Are Progressing

An update on my situation.

Astonishingly after all these years my demand that we find some way to address the lack of sex is actually being heard and acted on. She has agreed to my mistress not because she likes it, but because she cannot she says blame me for wanting this after all these years of issues. We agreed without too much trouble to a documented agreement - one I suggested that we revisit every six months to make sure it is working for both of us.

She agreed to this IF I would agree not reject out of hand her efforts at intimacy and she had actually been making some. Her motivation I would like to think is genuinely realizing how hurt I have been which she does admit to, but doubt lingers. Competition? Simply not wanting to admit failure? I can only wait and see but amazingly moving outside of the familar and insisting on something better is yielding results. We have genuinely interacted both intellectually, emotionally and physically more than we have in years.
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2 Responses Feb 8, 2013

Truth be told, you are walking a veritable tightrope. But I guess you are only too well aware of that.

The best of luck to you.

Truth be told, I wouldn't have predicted this outcome, at all.

It'd be wise to get that agreement notarised by your lawyer, lest you run into the "un-agreed" scenario again.

Tread your own path.