Uh Oh

I think Rob4Hope deleted his account, took his toys, and went home. I was going to respond to his, uhh, what was it, update #21?.....Yeah, but it wouldn't let me.  Took me a minute to figure out he imploded and deleted everything. 
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I missed all the fun....

rated up!

You silly woman. :P

Too bad, i was looking forward to skipping "update 22",
something about a person numbering theirs posts turns me off,
I never want to stick around to find out how high this number will go.

<p>All credit to Rob4Hope then.</p><p>The "Rob4Hope / ILIASM" situation wasn't working for him, so he left.</p><p>As a principal, what he's done is soundly ba<x>sed. Now, whether that choice was an informed choice or an uninformed choice is unkown. And whether it turns out to be in his longer term best interests is yet to be seen.</p><p>Tread your own path.</p>Addendum. I made a similar choice, leaving his thread at about #17 as I recall. The exchanges just weren't doing it for me, at all.

Could have been me, I said something like "you're looking for more feedback, but you're not ready for it. Go back and read the advice already given"....

If that's all it takes....

Ya it was totally you, you said"you want the truth, you can't handle the truth"
anyone else notice I got nothing better to do today????

You crack me up, ocean.

lmao... we are having wayyyy too much fun ;)

we are in a SM what else we gonna do????????
get laid???
no thanks, not me....

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I wish I'd read it now... I didn't get the past the preview box where I think he was moaning that not many people had responded to #20.

I did.
Can't remember what I said, I'm sure it was comforting though, I always am actually..........


What did you do now?
Really you need to work on your people skills LOL
No worries, he'll be back with a new account in a few days,
and a different attitude.

Hey now, I didn't even respond to his last two updates. I was, however, simply going to tell him to stop being a doormat and that his wife is selfish, manipulative, stone-walling, and mentally and emotionally FUBARed. (FUBAR: ****** Up Beyond All Recognition)

Well, that's a delivery and a half LOL
You ******* kill me.
Thats what he said on his last post, he was upset that misslee didn't support him in his last 2 posts, it all your fault.

Shame on me.

If he only waited to read what you had to say, then he could have deleted his account set his computer on fire too.........

"I'll be baaaaack"... in Schwartzenneger's voice...

Hey, this thread is actually good for something. ;-)

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