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Why Don'T You All Just

I live in a major rocky Mt. City, not the most happening place , I'm single older, I have. Fair amount of sex , ya know how ? I sleep with woman who are in sexless marriages and want it badly but love their boring sexless husbands. I'd like to hear why you all come on here and share your frustrations and yet no one states the obvious sex is easy ... Go get some if you need it and don't want to leave him...: some of these guys sound so cruel I can't believe you don't just pack and go
rightthr7 rightthr7 46-50, M 9 Responses Feb 10, 2013

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because its about so much more than sex...

Well then Smarty, don't come crying to us when her husband shoots you in the head!

If he does get shot in the head, he's not going to cry to anyone.

What's more sad is that no-one will shed a tear for him in his lonely existence.

Are you really the empathy-free zone that you appear to be? It isn't a virtue you know.

Personally, I hear macho bullshit. FALSE macho bullshit. I would laugh, except it's too repugnant for that.

Nonetheless, it appears to work for YOU, so why would you worry what others would think. The lonely married woman only wants NSA from you and that is all you want. Win-win.

I wonder if you get a bigger thrill out of telling others what sad ***** they are than getting your ego scratched through NSA sex. Others aren't actually compelled to think like you do.

My criticism of you is not about what you do, but telling everyone they should do the same, as if it never actually occurred to them before. Doh!

Most people are here to attempt to fix their marriages. You know, spend the rest of your years with the person you love. That sort of thing.

Apart from the odd offer of sexual servicing from random men, no one is looking to hook up. There are other websites for that.

How long are you going to be able to keep this up before either you, or the wives you can attract, run out of steam?
Then what?

Life is never that simple. Trust me, if it was that easy, I would have left at year one - we are on year 13. It seems to me that sex is usually only a symptom of the problem.
Conversely, I do love him. I believe that he isn't a bad person - no one is perfect - I'm certainly not: ). I try to remember that he is just doing the best he can with what he has at the time - just like all (well, most ) of us. Sex isn't the be all and end all of life. Sex alone is certainly not , in my opinion, a justifiable reason to break up an otherwise happy family. Everyone has problems, though I have SO much.
Lastly, not all of us who are unsatisfied between the sheets are unfaithful : )

You need to read "Cheaters12" thesis on marital harmony.

baz, you win the internetz today...

lol's And I thought I was a **** disturber......

Man talk about some people who need to get laid... Wound too tight or what

<p>If you do only a cursory amount of reading here you will find that what is being advocated is for the people in these (generally speaking terminal but NOT all are terminal) dysfunctional relationships to take ACTION to improve the overall quality of thier lives - to break the deadlock and move forward in some positive way.</P><br />
<p>Now, how that is accomplished and what action they will take to move forward will vary widely and is dependent on a number of factors to include personalities, domestic responsibilities, financial situations, etc.</P><br />
<p>Some will move to divorce, some will opt to have an affair, some will attempt an open or Don't Ask/Don't Tell arrangement, some will advocate swinging, and many will end up doing nothing.</P>

Ummm, it's not just about sex. I can only speak for me, but I'm not out to screw someone who I don't love just to get sex.

Then what are talking about The fact your mate doesn't"want" you? Guess what? The person you are having the affair with does

I'm not having an affair. If it came to that, I would be honest and leave.

Sex IS easy. But not very fulfilling when there is no intimacy. Does that answer your question?

Really? Frankly I don't believe that I think when you find seone that you are willing to have an affair with you already begun the path to the point I here these people wrote what's the difference This group isn't called Non intimate marriages It called sexless for reason

You don't know what a "sexless" marriage is. If you did, you wouldn't have A) posted here, and B) bothered to try and argue your point further.

I will stop there. What I really think about your OP leads me to not feel very generous towards your low-level of awareness on the subject of a sexless marriage.

So anyone who disagrees with you is on a lower level? I see well I think anyone who ****** and moans on website but takes no action to change their life is pathetically low so I guess we are equal

Yeah. You have a low level of understanding when it comes to a sexless marriage. Not sure why that surprises you.

You don't know what I am doing, or not doing about my situation. And that's okay because we will never know one another intimately. We are far from equal; we aren't on a level playing field at all. That's what I'm trying to tell you.

-----"anyone who ****** and moans on website but takes no action". A cursory reading will disabuse of this notion quickly. A certain percentage of folks are taking action right now, and detailing their experiences in the stories posted here.

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