Eight Years

Wow , i never thought i could share this but here goes. The last time my wife and i had sex was 2-27-2005. Its not that i am a bad lover, she has always had a low sex drive except when she wanted to get pregnant. She was wonderful and always wanting more even when pregnant. How ever, when we decided two was enough, i had to develop fantasies. So i became sindee a slave to my hidden desires. She caught me ************ and became very upset and refuses to even touch me. She has seen me cross dressed and even suggested family counselling. She still goes , i quit since it does not help me. Not sure where this is going or how long i will hang on to an apparently loveless and sexless marriage.
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Someone to talk to helps . I'm there too . That's another good thing about EP .

i am same as you honey sexless marriage but after the girls born an no sex an me in panties all the time an jacking off so much benig caught an all she decided if i was going to play the role of sissy i was going to be lock in chastity so that i can feel like real women sit to pee never feel anything between legs i did not like at first but after while i feel happy no **** between my legs awesome feeling an love my panties boyshorts,thongs,biknis

I am struggling with mine to accept my crossdressing, but she does not like it and pretends that it is not there and ignores it, just being ignored is the worst!

why cant women accept it for the flattery it is

it is what it is and if we want we can change us but not them. me i am not changin i am who i am

how did the counsellors approach your cd?
did they try and talk you out of it?

no they actually tried talking me into sex change. but i told them i am happy with my choices just wish my wife would be more understanding. some place along the road we traveled she became very prudish. never saw that coming

that was good that they supportrd you.
my wife has pretty much gone down the same route

You have X amount of time, no more no less. Any waste of time is a sin, and hurts only your self. I guess you have children, so at night after they are asleep tell your wife that you are going to cross dress any time you want and get dressed right then. Don't be mean or anything. Then do something with her, like play cards or just talk to her. You don't have to go very far in dressing. Just a dress and a wig to start out with. She doesn't know what the dressing will lead to and she is just scared. When she realizes that your dressing will not involve you having sex with men (and it may, but not now) she will accept it. She might even help you. I have seen this work and suggested it to 3 others and two of them did it. One I assumed is still married as his wife and him did it on the weekends. The other one dressed and his wife helped him. she started having sex with other men and she left him for another man. The last I heard of she lived with him and he began to live 24/7 as a woman. Oh yeah, his wife's lover would have sex with him about every 2 weeks. Stop living a lie, you don't know how much time you have left.

i totally understand, my wife and i have tried that approach years ago. But she dose not want tio understand strange thing is she is in therapy and when i desire i dress. sometimes going out with some trans and other cders. It just nthe sex with others is what i truly miss. i shall be faithful to her

so true
today never is again

What about you? Are you going to be faithful to your desires? How long do you plan on living a lie.

There was a bloke called "Mandy" who put a story up quite recently who appears to be in a similar situation to you.

Might be worth your while shooting him a PM to compare notes.

As regards your marriage, I'd say your main risk of that foundering is that your missus is probably nearing a point where she can't go on with it.

Tread your own path.

"She caught me ************..." What she expected? Leacked prostate or exploded testicles? Does she have basic idea about male's anatomy, ***** produced all the time and it has to go eventialy?

Thanks Full Moon