Court Date

Well todat is my first court hearing on this temporary order.

I have not really done very well to point due to the unknown. This is a page turner today and god willing it will get better.

One thing for certain is that i lay my head down at night and I am not lonely due to i have not slept with my wife for years. So there is the same comfort as before and actually more comfortable due to i made the choice to do this and live it differently and with gods will i am going to really be happy for once in my life! Hope the judge favors me here on this day. Money is to tight to not get some financial balance.

Suggestion to anyone listening, quit sleeping in the same bed and torturing yourself with your spouse. When you get to the point where i am you will be able to disconnect much easier!
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I put up a story "What's Your Real Risk Factor" recently. I reckon you ought go have a look at it. Not so much for the story, but to see a comment on it by De12. I think it might be helpful for you.

Tread your own path.

Hey thanks i will be looking for it!

thought about you did it go? well, i hope!

It got pushed to the 25th! This wife's attorney wants me paying nearly all the bills, well i do believe i have a bulldog of an attorney. Several of my friends ex wife's used her and they got beat up pretty bad. I just want whats fair. The wife told me sarcastically that i hired the most expensive attorney in town. And i just replied with maybe you should have worked on our relationship so i would not have to spend 15,000. On a attorney to get my life back! Here we go. Thanks for your concern!

I just had a dream last night about moving and forgetting to bring our beds with us, and having to go back and get them... ok rambling thought ;)

Well no doubt there is a reason you dream that! I have had some really disturbing dreams for the last few months since i left her. The nice thing is that they are just dreams. I am grateful that i have not shared a bed with this woman for twelve years. It makes it quite easy to adjust to sleeping alone and without dealing with stupid on the other side of town! You hang in there!