It Has Been A While Since I Have Been On Here.

I am in the situation that it isn't being refused sex, it's my wife not participating when we do have sex. Let me explain.

When we are having sex she just lays there and nothing. No feedback no movement nothing. No kissing touching from her. So its just as well if there wasn't any sex.

I feel like its just me there so I have stopped looking or wanting. Now I can't seem to stay hard when it does happen.

I am losing my mind.

I am so confused and beyond frustrated.

physicallyinneed physicallyinneed
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 12, 2013

<p>I must have written this phrase 100 times on this board -<br />
- "Dysfunctional marriages **** with your head, get you thinking weird ****, get you making uninformed choices which then feed back into the dyfunctional loop" -</p><p>and they are as apt as ever on this post.</p><p>ba<x>sed on this, and your past, stories it appears that you have been played like a piano.</p><p>I reckon a read of the story "We, or Me ?" might have some value for you.</p><p>Mate, this isn't about the sex. Never was. It is about a dysfunctional situation where there is no "we" (although your missus has been at pains to pretend there is as a management tool).</p><p>Tread your own path.</p>