Love is...............

Take your best shot at the answer .....
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A comfortable silence, not having to fill every moment with babble, comfortable to know you can enjoy each other in "silence." Experienced with one person in my life...have never found it again.

Love is..

When someone that takes you for whom you are
When you return that acceptance back
When you want to do things for that person
When you want to have that person do things for you
When you want to be around someone day in and day out
When that person wants to be around you
When your opinion matters even if it isn't the answer
When you can't imagine time without that person
When that person is always on your mind
When you want to give someone everything that makes you, you
When that person opens up everything to you

Its word followed by action and action followed by word. It never stops. It is the easiest thing to say and hardest thing to continue to mean.

It's always a work in progress.

I am no longer sure I know what love is.

I'm right there with you!

Maybe I'm not the right person to answer this question right now LOL.....


To me loving soneone first means being attracted to someone, and then having them reacting the same way. Because of that attraction to each other you share your hearts desires. But to maintain that love the sharing and caring for one another needs to be sustained. There has to be a determined desire to be with each other to result in a long term loving relationship.when that desire breaks down, the love also breaks down.

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