Valentine'S Day

Cheers to all.

As the most romantic of romantic holidays approaches, how are you handling it?

I used to be the guy who got the babysitter on the sly, came home from work at noon, sent the wife out shopping for a new dress and cooked dinner for the kids so we could be out at a play by 7pm.

As you might imagine, all of my wife's friends hailed me as the absolute prince of husbands. They hoisted me onto their shoulders and carried me through the village, shaming their own inadequate men with tales of my chivalry, thoughtfulness and obvious rugged good looks.

After the parade on the shoulders was over...I returned home to find my lovely wife asleep. I put the moves on her. You know...the "sleepy" moves where you do the full body snuggle, the kissing, the slight touching of the side breast....

"Goodnight honey."

Wait, what? Goodnight honey? How can this be? How could anyone not have a fire in their loins for the hunk of man who planned such an evening?

Eventually I scolded myself. This is not quid pro quo! How dare I think that I was entitled to intimacy. I had to put myself in her position. I would have preferred it to be the missionary position but...(wait..stop that!). I could see her side. I went to sleep.

Next year...we're going to do it even better. Gold tennis bracelet, Valentine's Cards made from scratch by the children under daddy's supervision. This time, no going out. That keeps us out too late. Mom gets tired. This year, take out from the local italian eatery. Bottle of nice wine and her favorite dessert, Tiramisu. After dinner, a screening of Love Actually.

When the movie was over, I retired to the master bedroom,took a quick shower so I'd smell great and slipped into my brand new grey calvin klein boxer briefs which would absolutely melt her panties right off.

As I triumphantly enter the bedroom, I find her sleeping. My sweet smelling self snuggles up. And...

"Goodnight honey."

As the years go on, my efforts became even more heroic...then trickled down to some tulips plucked from a mulch bed by the homeless guy who sold them to me at an intersection.

And now we arrive in 2013. Your hero has seen this show before. As of now, I'm going to have a calm conversation this evening about how we should probably skip Valentine's day as it's during the week, we could save the money, there's nothing good at the get the idea. I'm not really up for donning the mask and the cape again.

But you, gentle reader? What say you? Are you making a stand? Going through the motions? Outsourcing your celebration?

Inquisitive minds wish to know.
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41 Responses Feb 13, 2013

I am pretty much going to ignore the day, except for the perfunctory "Happy Valentine's Day, honey" in the morning and the quick, dry-lip kiss when she goes to work.

That sounds about right.

That's reality. I think on Valentines day, we all tend to expect fireworks....sometimes we forget..."The best fireworks are often spontaneous"

Man, go listen to Burn by Usher.


If I was to get a card or even just happy Valentine's day, it would make me happy. I've never had that but it would be nice.

Never? That's too sad. Happy Valentine's Day from me, for what it's worth.

I have a cold! Have to say I'm thrilled! I'm hoping to have a "sick day" and let V-day go rather low key. He hasn't gone out of his way for Valentines in years, and yeah.... I usually write him something heart-felt, but I'm just not feeling it.

Then next week is my birthday... We usually do some sort of romantic dinner (no sex, though, of course, even though IT IS MY BIRTHDAY). I'm planning on trying to talk some friends into going out with us.

Don't even get me started on my birthday.

P.S. I laughed out loud that you wrote IT IS MY BIRTHDAY in caps. I know it's painful but that was too funny.

Haha, yeah.... I guess it's also funny that I still have that reaction this many years later, you know? I can't remember if I've ever gotten legitimate birthday sex out of him...

Enna will not be back from interstate by StV's day.
When she turns up I intend to root her vigorously and enthusiastically, whatever the calender might say.

Tread your own path.

Well done sir. I salute your itinerary.

I bought the kids some heart-shaped cartoon candies from teh drugstore. I bought myself some marzipan chocolate and ate half of it on the way home tonight.

I plan on ignoring the day, and just doing schoolwork. It's not like we've had anything close to a real valentine's in ... maybe a decade, but definitely in the last 5 years...

I would LOVE to be where vaguest is in a relationship... right now is transition time ...

We're in the "pretend" phase. I bought her a card and a few of her favorite chocolates. She'll buy me a card and offer to take me to dinner Friday or Saturday after the Valentines rush is over. If I have the energy, I'll try to cook her a nice dinner tomorrow.

About six months ago (after 38 years) I finely figured out that we weren't going anywhere and that she would never want me sexually. (Yeah. I'm slow.) I have pulled away and that scares her so she's making an effort to put out, but there's no want or love in it and I've never been into being serviced.

I'd prefer to just skip it, but she'd make my life miserable if I did. Like your wife, she wants the attention and romance without the bother of sex.

I will be celebrating Valentine's day the way it should be celebrated, but that is only because i left my empty marriage and moved on.
I wish all my friends here, love and happiness, and the ability to sort out their life, and perhaps next Valentine's day will be a loving day to be cherished and remembered with a smile, instead of with a tear in your eye.

We'll exchange cards, in fact I'm going to write it in a minute! A hug and a peck in the morning. If previous valentines are anything to go by then that will be it.

I'm seeing my lover on Friday though and that will be quite different... Champagne, big rug in front of an open fire and no clothes.

I'm hoping he does nothing. Especially no card.

I am now hungry for Pringles. It's your fault.

Well, I do love me some Pringles!

Im spending it alone, probably in a coffee shop, with my lappytop. I have no date, I have no one to cuddle with or tell me goodnight.

I applaud your heroics. Wish they were true for me. The ending would be different.

Thanks for the kind words. Honestly, none of what is posted is anything heroic, although I wrote it that was to be amusing. I think when you're in love with that person you're meant to be with, the most exciting thing imaginable is planning the perfect day for them. Yes, life can get in the way, but we have to make sure it doesn't on the special days. Please come back and find this comment and let me know when you inevitably find your prince?

inevitability? now I know you your writings are for amusement. ;) I will take the prediction anyhow, a prince would be magnificent. I also applaud your sense of humour considering your lack of sexual gratification with your spouse. How do you do it?