No sex on Valentine's Day because you're in a sexless marriage is like licking a lollipop before handing it to a kid.

Years straight ...... Who the hell knows :-/
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All true Belle...no sex here either....we had lotsa fun...I took her roller skating (passed out licked lollipops to kids)...had a very effective series of presents all of which she really was surprised by and liked....but nothing...I'm going for the best friend award. We read the Allegory of the Cave by Plato as we have a totally Platonic relationship (sarcasm).

Well.... At least you took her somewhere.... I did get a box of chocolates ..... ONLY because my daughters told him to get me something :-/

BTW.... There still sitting on the counter where he left them.... He didn't even tell me Happy VDay :-/

Happy VDay Belle...there ya go does that help?

Awwwweeeeeeee!!!!!! Thank you!!! :D

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"I could eat a peach for hours." But unfortunately no peach on Valentines, nor has there been in two months...I know your frustration. We had sex about 5 times last year! Woohoo!

Screw that !!!!! (No pun intended!!!)

It's no wonder that I'm on the prowl for like-minded ladies

lol ;D

Are you looking elsewhere, belle?

I'm not looking per say...... But I have had SEVERAL offers lol ;)

I'm not bragging please don't take me wrong..... But I don't really have to look .... They come to me ;D

I'm sure they do...I would be offering if you weren't so far away


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I understand how that is. I was in a sexless marriage too.

Hell will freeze over before I would get my figurative lollipop.

I guess I have been teaching figurative language too much lol ;)

To me its more like watching everyone else I know getting a lollipop, licking it, all the way down to the stick, and getting some to keep in their pocket.....while I get told I don't need any


I'm right there with you :-/

You can only be disappointed if you have an expectation.
Having said that, I did expect a card this morning but she hadn't got round to it!!
Yeah, there's that feeling of disappointment again.

So tell me.... why do we keep letting ourselves get disappointed :-/

You stole my question

Great minds think alike 💋

OMG! You just had to bring up licking, didn't you? Dang, now the fantasies are REALLY kicking in!

Licking .... That's a whole 'nother subject lol