Heaven And Hell Is Now And Forever.

Time is an emergent property.

Like the solidity of the surface of the table that my wrists are resting on as I type is an emergent property. The table is made of atoms which are mostly empty space, sub atomic particles carry charge and can attract or repel. Loosely speaking these charges attract to make the table top and repel the charges in my body so that I perceive the table (mostly empty space) to be solid. Therefor solidity is an emergent property.

Time is an emergent property. All that was still is and all that will be always has been. We perceive time to flow but it is just one more dimension of our universe perpendicular to the other three.

Since all that was and will be is now and will always be then we are all immortal and our heaven and or hell is right here and is what we make it.

If you are unhappy then you need to make whatever change you can to move in a better direction or live where you are, forever.
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Cannot argue with your logic. A little techy but true.

I recall reading a book "A Short Guide To Just About Everything" by Bill Bryson that explained the physics as you have so aptly summarised here Brother riley. And coming pretty much to the same conclusion that you have.

Tread your own path.

There is only one heaven and hell and we are living in it, right now. Life is a ***** and then you die and there is no awareness. This is reality. This is THE truth.<br />
<br />
Your last para was all you really needed to say.