Looking Back

Finding myself is the present sexual devoid I giggle at the huge number of times I didn't want sex. I had a houseful of children (4) and the normal or above amount of chaos that is a young families life and sex was rarely on my radar. My husband used to follow me around the house while I was attempting housework. I admit he got lucky a few times on the dryer in the basement.
I also look at some of the most amazing sexual experiences in my life. The memories here, each with their own emotional dynamics, have definitely expanded my being.
I miss the non verbal connection intimacy brings to the table. Next time ( If or when a next time happens) having a more complete relationship will mean a tantric merging of spirit. My heart aches in need of that mind, body spirit relationship with another.
Augustmaiden Augustmaiden
56-60, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2013

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Nice. I like the simple sentiment. Mind you, I understand that it is a lot harder to achieve in practice. Mind you again, there could be the sense of fun even just trying to achieve it.