Another Short Update

The other day, my wife admitted to me that she's come to realize her issues with sex are "mental," as opposed to "physical."

Even a month ago, I would have felt relief - for a part of me, it would have been nice to hear her say that our sexlessness is not a result of something between us in our relationship - that she is finally taking responsibility for her own libido.

But I'm not relieved - I feel angry - like I've been used, or duped. I know this isn't rational - she didn't really have much awareness of this issue until recently, so she couldn't have done anything differently. But I feel bad just the same. I'm just looking for support and sympathy - no need for anyone to try to "fix" the situation for me - because it can't be fixed.
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2013

If only we could all be rational, logical, reasoning, all the time, the prospect for a saner, more predictable world for us all would be all the more realisable, reassuring and comforting. But then you pause to thing about how dispassionate, soulless and absolutely sterile it would be.

You are angry, she is alienated and alienating (pfft).

Quick, where is the magic potion?

Can't resist a remark here Brother.
So now, instead of "not doing anything about the physical problem", she can attend to "not doing anything about the mental problem", taking the requisite decade or so for that to play out.

Tread your own path.